Sunday Screening: The SoonerMobile

Can you identify this strange vehicle?


  1. I tend to stick to the philosophy of, go to a cottage, park the car, leave it parked until you go home and enjoy being at the cottage – others, spend the weekend driving back & forth 7 times, to each their own!

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        1. I’m told it won’t be. It was a visitor.

          One thing that doesn’t add up. If they had to let the engine run slow for whatever reason, why did they have to blast the radio in there? Hmmm.

          Well they should be gone now.


        2. We are told he won’t be back. Big shocker, it was from Kenny’s place, the idiot with the loud late night parties and fireworks on random nights.


        3. I’m not a big fan.

          A month ago he was shooting off 2 am fireworks. Several noise complaints were called in. (Not me.) Reportedly when the cops showed up, he just asked them to leave his ticket on the table.

          He’s got more money than brains so fines don’t deter him.

          I’ll be writing more about Klown Kenny in coming weeks.


        4. I know some neighbors are watching him and have him on their radar. My parents don’t want me to call in a noise complaint, but next time he wakes me up at 2 am, I can’t promise.


        5. I guess my parents think that the nosey neighbours will ask around until they narrow it down. I guess work travels fast there. Apparently we know who called in the last complaint. Apparently.


        6. One of them asked my parents if I was the one who called in the noise complaint. They hate lying and are not very good at it, so I’m glad it wasn’t me. LOL

          I keep to myself up there. But yeah…when I hear stuff like people were asking if I called in the complaint, I call that nosey neighboring!


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