Sunday Screening

Sunday Screening: Mew mew, ma na na na (FUBAR II)

Found this on my laptop.  My favourite scene from FUBAR II.  I recorded this years ago and it still makes me laugh.


Sunday Screening: Techmoan’s Mitsubishi TX-L50

This average looking boom box has a notable feature that you’ve never seen before on a machine of this class.  It can play up to five cassettes (both A and B sides) continuously in a clever drawer design.  If you were using 120 minute tapes, you could hit “play” and have 10 hours of continuous music.  I’ll let Techmoan show you the clever feature; enjoy.

Sunday Screening: The new LeBrain Train intro

Thanks to everyone who watched or shared Friday’s show, I really appreciate it! I think the new, shorter format is going to work. I also think the new intro video is pretty cool. We haven’t got a version that includes every single person who has ever been on the show, but it is a sampling of some very cool people who mean a lot to me. I hope you find yourself in this video! Music by Tee Bone Erickson.

Sunday Screening: The Darkness – “Nobody Can See Me Cry”

The Darkness have a new album coming out called Motorheart.  This week the band released a rather unique lyric video for a new song called “Nobody Can See Me Cry”.  Most lyric videos you see today are still pictures or slight animations.  This one isn’t.  It’s just a continuous moving single camera shot of the four Darkness members crying.  You gotta give guitarist Dan Hawkins credit in this one for going all out with the blubbering.  A smoke machine is added for effect and bassist Frankie Poullain fights to keep the tears at bay.

Sounds like a pretty heavy album is coming our way.  Get ready Darkness fans!


Sunday Screening: The Hudson Valley Squares – Black Sabbath ‘Born Again’ vs Rainbow ‘Down to Earth’

I was down in the dumps on Friday night because of the crash-and-burn that was my attempt to play LeBrain Train re-runs.  (Yeah, that’s not happening anymore.)  Uncle Meat saw my mood and recommended we watch this Sea of Tranquillity episode together virtually.

Everybody knows Born Again is my favourite album of all time.  I also like Down to Earth quite a bit.  What do the Hudson Valley Squares featuring special guest Martin Popoff think?  It’s a riveting hour of love and critique.  You have the Meat Man to thank for bringing this to our attention.

Storm A Comin’

Big storm rolling in tonight.

Sunday Screening: The Sweater (1980)

On Friday’s LeBrain Train we discussed the Top Animated Films of all time.  The National Film Board of Canada came in with “The Sweater”, a classic short about a young Habs fan who receives a dreaded Leafs jersey instead.  It’s beautiful to look it, wonderful to watch, and heartfelt.  It’s only 10 minutes long so please enjoy “The Sweater”.

Sunday Screening: A Drive to Kincardine / Max the Axe – “Scales of Justice”

From the infuriating city rat race to the open roads of the country, a beautiful drive is to be viewed here, all to the tune of the classic “Scales of Justice” by Max the Axe.

Sunday Screening: The Soviet national anthem as sung by Nikolai Volkoff

One of the greatest “heel” tag teams of all time were Nikolai Volkoff and the Iron Sheik.  It was the height of the Cold War, and what could be more antagonising than the Russian national anthem sung in the middle of Madison Square Gardens?  Only the Sheik declaring “Russia #1, Iran #1!” and spitting on the USA.  In reality Nikolai (Josip Hrvoje Peruzović) was from Yugoslavia and was known as a really nice guy.  By contrast, the Sheik (Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri) actually is from Iran and might be a little psychopathic!  Or it could all be an act, who knows?

Even though Nikolai’s anthem was designed to irritate, I actually like it.

In 1990 Nikolai switched sides, turned “face,” and was gifted an American flag by “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.  (Incidentally, Duggan and Sheik were once caught doing cocaine together, a tremendous scandal as they were supposed to be sworn enemies!)  Nikolai used “The Stars and Stripes Forever” as his entrance music when he turned “face”, waving his new American flag.

But I’ll always remember him as one of the greatest villains, singing that Russian national anthem as only he could!

Sunday Screening: Polychuck – “Beating Myself Down”

From his just released new EP Shadows Exposed, it’s Polychuck‘s fresh video for “Beating Myself Down“! He’s a talented multi-instrumentalist, and this very different but boppin’ track is right up my alley. The guitar solo at the end will knock you on your ass.  This is a catchy, upbeat but lyrically serious tune with relatable words.  Check out “Beating Myself Down” and don’t miss Polychuck when we have him on the LeBrain Train on July 31!