Sunday Screening

Sunday Screening: Transformers “Overload!” A new original animation featuring the music of Max the Axe

Experimental Sunday Screening: Jen Beats Mike at Monopoly deluxe

For fun, this is a stop motion of our game of Monopoly.  I took a picture after every move and Jen beat me in about an hour.

It was a bloodbath.  Jen (the train) started strong with some railroad and utility purchases. Mike (the race car) got bogged down early on with a long string of bad rolls leading to only three properties owned.  Jen quickly snapped up the second utility, Park Place, and all four Railroads.  Mike collected all the Greens, and began building houses, but was wiped out by the Railroads.  When Jen finally bought the last property left, Boardwalk, it was all over.  The hotels built were never used.  It was the Electric Company that dealt the fatal blow and left Mike’s car piece in a wreck.

This deluxe Monopoly has old fashioned wooden houses and hotels, metal markers, organizers for all the cards and money, and proper storage for everything while boxed.  For a neat and tidy traditional game of Monopoly (or with whatever traditional rules you play with), this is our go-to version.

Sunday Screening: Last Day of April 2022 / Max the Axe – “I’m Glad Now”

Visual accompaniment to Record Store Tales #985: Do You Know How Quickly a Pair of Glasses Melts in a Fire?


Music:  “I’m Glad Now” by Max the Axe, from Max the Axe (2004)

Sunday Screening: Stranger Things 4 trailer featuring the music of Journey

Those of us addicted to the Netflix original series Stranger Things generally agree:  the soundtracks kick ass.  Taking place in the 1980s, the series is nostalgia-heavy.  Intentionally evoking classic 80s Steven and Stephen (Spielberg & King), the series has pulled the right strings.  Season 4 appears to be no different, with that haunting version of “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” by Journey taking center stage.

The song is not just a cool tune for the show, but important to the themes of this season.  Our characters are indeed worlds apart, separated for the first time.

Joining the cast this year is the original Freddie Krueger, Robert England himself.  According to creators the Duffer brothers, this is the classic horror season of the show.  Expect that Nightmare on Elm Street vibe.

Sunday Screening: Check out my new Polychuck shirt! (Video)

If you’re a regular here, chances are that you are familiar with Polychuck! Check out the short clip below to see one of the cool new shirts he has for sale. Polychuck is currently supporting his new single “Hero” featuring Derek Sherinian. A modern progressive rock tune, “Hero” is an impressive showcase of songwriting and musicianship.

Polychuck will be on the LeBrain Train on Saturday April 23 at noon.  Don’t miss it.

Sunday Screening: “I Still Hate You” from Star Trek: Picard

Spoiler embargo off! Last week’s Star Trek: Picard featured an unexpected cameo from a familiar face. Kirk Thatcher reprised his role as the “Star Trek punk” from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. You remember him, playing that song “I Hate You” on his ghetto blaster, before Spock gave him a neck pinch?

Picard season two is a time travel story with several beats lifted from The Voyage Home, First Contact, and the original series.  As it turns out, the punk on the bus still rides the bus, still sporting the same hair, and still wielding an 80s ghetto blaster.  This time though, things go a little different when Seven of Nine asks him to turn it down.

Yes, this sort of thing is the very definition of “fan service”.  Does it matter?  Let me put it to you this way.  My 80+ year old dad laughed his ass off.  That’s all that matters.

Thirty-five years later and nothing much has changed,
Those in charge are living large,
The rest are all deranged,

‘Cause I still hate you,
Can’t wait to eviscerate you,
‘Cause I still hate, all of you.

The temperatures are rising,
The sea level as well,…



Sunday Screening: Morning Summer LakeCam x 64 speed

Here’s just what you needed on this cold, windy Sunday morning: a sun coming up on a July summer webcam! This is from the July 20, 2021 morning LakeCam, but two hours compressed into under two minutes. Feel the rays of the sun drift across your face in this fun time-lapse video. Stay warm! Music is a sneak preview of “Randy” by Max the Axe, remixed in 2022 by Robi Banerji.

Sunday Screening: The Contrarians Presents “The Worst of Episode 1: KISS – Lazy Nights”

Creating your own “Worst Of Kiss” album is a fun concept.  I could certainly come up with some variations on that theme!  In this Contrarians episode, Marco and Bret each picked five songs for their Lazy Nights: The Worst of Kiss compilation.  Marco did one side, Bret the other.  And Bret is right that you could pick all Gene songs!  But that wouldn’t make for a real Kiss compilation.

Marco and I have some disagreements here.  I’m more in tune with Bret.  See what you think!


Sunday Screening: Scorpions – “Rock Believer”

Scorpions are back with their new album Rock Believer!  The excellent title track, an uplifting ballad-like construction of anthemic quality, must surely be one of their best songs from the past two or three decades. From the vintage-looking artwork to the mighty Teutonic rock melodies of the Scorpions, it is clear that Klaus and the gang are back.  Unlike some past records like Humanity: Hour 1 and Comeblack, praise this time is fairly unanimous.  It’s clear this band still has “Gas in the Tank” as they “Knock ‘Em Dead” in 2022!  Have a great weekend and as we absorb the new album; enjoy the fabulous title track!  Are you a Rock Believer?

Sunday Screening: “Community” – isolated live Aaron reaction video

For your convenience and enjoyment, here is an isolated video of the moment we surprised Aaron with the new Tee Bone Erickson music video “Community”. I will remember this night always.