Sunday Screening

LeBrain Unboxes Quiet Riot I and Quiet Riot II CDs on No Remorse records

Sunday Chuckle Screening: Idiot Burns $100 of Statues Before Googling

Like the title says.

These statues haunted my nightmares as a kid.  My parents left them in the firewood to burn.  I took the nightmare fuel and burned them.  Then Facebook informed me of their value.


Sunday Screening: Retro Gaming – I played Ms. Pac-Man again and did a little better this time

Sunday Screening: Tim’s Vinyl Confessions – Tim and Mike discuss Freedom by Journey

Tim Durling approached me about doing this Journey show…six months ago?  A year?  Two years?  We have been waiting for this Journey album a long time, and a rocky ride it has been.  Does this album live up to the hype?  Tim and I are remarkably alligned on the new Journey album Freedom.  Dig in.

My text review of Journey Freedom can be found by clicking here.


Saturday Screening: Davey504 – 200 basses, one solo

It’s a Saturday Screening this week as, if all goes well, I will be posting my Journey Freedom review tomorrow.

Today, watch awesome Youtuber Davey504 play a bass solo on 200 basses!  Utilizing the basses in stock at a favourite store, Davey rocked this solo with fast fingers and clever edits.  Check it out and be ready to be slapped by bass.

Sunday Screening: Retro Gaming – Plug & Play Ms Pac-Man

40 years ago, for my birthday in 1982, my parents got me Ms. Pac-Man for the Atari 2600.  Those of us who had a 2600 were well aware of the compromises made in consideration to graphics.  Even so, Ms. Pac-Man was one of the best Atari adaptations.

Last weekend, on what turned out to be my birthday celebration for 2022, I turned back the clock and played Ms. Pac-Man again.  The arcade version, thanks to these excellent plug & play games.  I didn’t have the greatest game – I’m out of practice – but you can see my old high score on the screen.  I made it to level three this time at least!

WARNING:  Gratuitous swearing.

Sunday Screening: Retro Gaming – Plug & Play Pac-Man

Dusted off (and changed cruddy batteries) on our old plug & play arcade games this weekend.  Pac-Man was first up, and two rare variations at that:  Super Pac-Man (my favourite) and Pac-Man Plus, a challenging variant of the original.  Check out my first runs through below.  This weekend also included some Galaga, Dig Dug, Ms. Pac-Man and Pole Position.  Is there a game of these you would like to see next?

F-bombs included below!

Sunday Screening: Lego Atari 2600 set coming

Good morning, Harrison and Mr. 1537!  One of you will remember these from the 80s and one of you will not!  Still you must agree, pricetag aside, this is a pretty beautiful Lego set.  The Atari 2600 is coming August 1 for $240 USD (ouch)!  The dimensions closely match that of the original console.  It comes with three iconic cartridges made of Lego, three mini dioramas representing art for these video games, and a little shelf to store the cartridges.  The front of the console opens up to reveal another mini diorama, of a kid playing Asteroids in their bedroom.  It even comes with an incredible joystick made of Lego.

You can insert a cartridge into the console, flip the switches, and plug in the joystick.  If it wasn’t for the price, I’d want this in a heartbeat.  Check this video by Balazs from Racing Brick for a detailed preview.

Sunday Screening: Drive to Kincardine 7/7/22 – Max the Axe “Immortal”

Enjoy “Immortal” by Max the Axe from Trillion Dollar Threats.  Quick drive with lots of passing.  Sped up 40x.

Sunday Screening: Transformers “Overload!” A new original animation featuring the music of Max the Axe