#921: Unhappy Worstday

It started with a sunburn.

A mid-afternoon swim on Saturday turned into a sleepless Sunday night.  The sunburn wasn’t that bad, but we lost track of time in the water and my back was really red.  Saturday night I was OK, but Sunday I was not.  I feel asleep with no shirt on, on top of the covers, with the air conditioning blasting right onto my back.  I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst chill I ever had in my life.

I’ve never had the shivers so bad.  It took a Visions In Sound sweatshirt, lots of blankets, and a Jen, but a couple hours later I was warmed up again.  I haven’t felt a chill like that since the flu of 2009.  I hid under the covers and was sweating for the rest of the night.  The lack of restful sleep meant an exhausted Monday.

Birthday Monday, didn’t have any solid plans.  Having dinner with my folks was a possibility but I was not feeling well from the lack of sleep and sunburn.  Maybe it is age, but it was the second worst sunburn I’ve ever inflicted upon myself.  And it was my own fault too; no sunscreen.  I’d forgotten how rotten a sunburn can make you feel.  Combine that with the effects from the chill the night before, and I was in no mood to be social.  A quiet night at home would do.

Except it wouldn’t.

Jen went out in the afternoon to the mall.  I wish she wouldn’t spend so long there.  We’ve had so many seizures there, usually at the end of her day when she was getting ready to head home.  When I started getting confusing text messages from her that didn’t make sense, I knew that it was happening again.  I happened to be finished work at that exact moment, so I jumped in the car.  It took 10-15 phone calls before she finally picked up.  During the seizure she lost her groceries and mobility device.  What a nightmare.  She recovered all her stuff but…wow.

Not the worst birthday I ever had, but definitely in the bottom five.

The one thing I really appreciated is all the birthday messages.  They were the best gift, but the one I really loved was this one from Darr Erickson.  Darr wins the 2021 round with this champion of a comment:

Thank you Darr, and to everyone else who wished me a happy birthday this year.  And even if you didn’t, thank you anyway, because I know you were thinking it.

This Friday on the LeBrain Train, we’ll have the real celebration. Harrison the Mad Metal Man has chosen to celebrate his own birth on Friday, so it’s a double party!  It will be a list show with the theme:  Songs that make our skin vibrate!  We have have a full panel as well as drop-in guests.  Spoiler alert:  Brent Jensen will be there!  (And he always shows up!)

Help us this Friday to make it a much better celebration.  Hope to see you then.



  1. I’m sorry to hear that your actual birthday wasn’t very enjoyable, but we fortuitously have a second chance at an awesome day very soon, as you know. And for the record, I didn’t decide to celebrate my birthday on the show, everyone else did. I just needed an iron-clad reason to keep the celebrity guests away from this week.

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        1. In that 4th wave is raging across the USA, lockdowns are expected in the fall, no end is in sight, and I intend to keep going as long as Covid is out there ruining our lives.

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  2. Sunburn, chills, and Jen having a seizure? I’m sorry you didn’t have a good birthday, but I’m glad recovered from her seizure and was able to retrieve her groceries. I hope you many awesome days to make up for that birthday!

    I love that you gave Nigel a mustache and beard lol! Also, hooray for Brent!

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  3. Wow! That is not the kind of birthday adventures you want to have. Sorry to hear that but more importantly, glad Jen is okay and she got her stuff back. And sunburn sucks. It has been a long, long time since I had so bad I got the chills, but I know how you feel. It is horrible.

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  4. That all sucks. You must have had some nice weather at least. I don’t think I could have gotten a sunburn through the clouds this past weekend even if I tried. The only thing I like about sunburn is when you get to peel the dead skin off like a snake.

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  5. Dude, I lost my list of birthdays, so I missed it. Email me the day and I’ll make a new list! I was definitely thinking of it, of course. Sorry the day wasn’t the best at all – I hope Jen was OK! A sunburn sucks too, but man, that’s scary stuff. Glad she got her stuff again.


  6. Happy Burntlated Birthday.

    Sorry to hear about you and your wife. I need as many real Leaf fans on my side as I can get.
    My daughter has been getting symptoms of dizziness lately.
    I’m pretty sure it’s related to my side’s inner ear problems. Plus she gets low blood pressure from her mom’s side and faints easily.
    Always something to worry about with our health.
    Both of you take care.

    P.S. there may be a market for genuine Lebrain skin. I’m sure there is a certain lead singer’s “wife” that would up the bid on Ebay.

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      1. Just a thought. One of your livestream shows about weird people in music. Fans, groupies, management, roadies, etc.
        Obsessions in music.
        Something like that. Then you can update.


        1. Well we have plenty of themes so I don’t really want to bump one of the others. Maybe if Covid continues into the fall and I have to do a solo show because Deke will be doing his own thing. We shall see. I’d rather stay away from the negative.


  7. Happy Birthday!!! Looking forward to finding out what gifts u got. And so sorry to hear about the hardships u encountered on your Birthday.
    Did u get any cool shirts or Star Wars stuff?


    1. You wanna know the honest truth? Today was a better day, and all the happy birthday messages meant the world to me and made all the difference! So, thank you.

      I’m not gonna say that the negative vibes started on Friday night with Lizmi blowing me off, but the negative vibes really started on Friday night when Lizmi blew me off.

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  8. in high school i used baby oil and laid in the sun at the beach. the burn was so bad people winced when I showed them them the burn line next to my skin not burned. that’s all I got! glad your wife is ok.


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