The LeBrain Train “Music That Makes Your Skin Vibrate” Birthday Party Extravaganza

The LeBrain Train: 2000 Words or More with Mike and Harrison

Episode 76 – “Music That Makes Your Skin Vibrate” Birthday Party Extravaganza


Both Harrison and LeBrain have chosen to celebrate their birthdays tonight, with the online party to end all online parties.  Because of this special occasion, we’re going with a Nigel Tufnel Top Ten theme of Harrison’s design this time.  In an effort to be inclusive, he picked a broad topic that anyone can contribute a list for:  music that makes our skin vibrate!  That phrase was originally coined by author and friend of the show, Brent Jensen.  And we couldn’t do a show about music that makes our skin vibrate without him.  Fortunately, Brent was available and he will be dropping in tonight!

It will be a fully packed, fully caffeinated show, and therefore tonight’s format will be a little looser than the usual.  Although we will be going in our usual rounds, we will also pause when surprise guests drop in to wish us happy birthday.  I expect this one to be a long, lively and dynamic show, with surprises.  Including two brand new songs by Tee Bone himself!  I can tell you right now that at least one of them is bound to be a hit.

Confirmed panel members include:

and, in her show debut…

Additionally I look forward to a visit from Brent and whoever else can make it!  While we’re at it, let’s wish Aaron and Sarca happy birthdays as they are both celebrating this week as well!  (Unfortunately Aaron is too busy partying in real life to make it tonight, but we wish him happy birthday just the same!

A huuuge thanks to Tee Bone for the music videos we are going to premiere tonight.  These are songs he wrote specifically for this show.  Videos he curated for your own entertainment.  Music that will hopefully make your skin vibrate.

See you tonight!




  1. oh boy oh boy oh boy, here it is. And it will be extra caffeinated, because I’ll be indulging in some of my much-loved iced tea (not Ice-T) so that Lana can’t tell that I just woke up.

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      1. Well, true, there is that. It’s not actually “just” woke up. I get up just after six for the shows and usually log in just before seven.

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        1. It’s actually a pretty nice time. I get the whole day ahead of me to let the buzz diffuse naturally, a luxury Lebrain doesn’t get.

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  2. I AM PUMPED!!! It will be a lovely celebration for both Harrison and you, Mike. Thank you again for asking me to appear on the show; I can’t wait to meet and interact with everyone as we talk about songs that give us the feels! LET’S GO!!!

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    1. You are very welcome. I’m always excited to be on with new people. We were planning this show around the time you posted your 10 Songs That Put Me In A Good Mood, and the moment I saw that I knew this list idea would be right up your alley. I’m glad you thought so too.

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      1. Thanks so much for thinking of me Harrison! I’m not into many rock bands, so I’m not as knowledgeable as you and Mike are on rock n roll. So the songs that make our skin vibrate topic was perfect! Thank you again! I can’t wait to see your list.

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