Birthday Rockin’, Skin Vibratin’, Guest Laden List Show

Another trip around the sun is always worth a celebration, and tonight we celebrated several birthdays!  Most notable those of Harrison and LeBrain.  As I say “happy birthday, to the Mad Metal Man”, I also thank Tee Bone for his two new music videos!  Tonight we premiered his latest hit “Fuck Pants”, and “HBD to the Mad Metal Man”.  Above and beyond the call of duty my friend!  Both songs were played multiple times during the show, so you can be sure not to miss them!

Party goers that were in for the long haul included:

We also had special surprise drop-in guests:  Scott Peddle, Michael Morwood, T-Rev, John Snow, and Brent Jensen himself!  Since the theme of tonight’s lists was “songs that make our skin vibrate”, we had to have Brent on, who contributed his own cool list.

Also thank you to Geoff Stephen, Deke, Kevin & Sarah, and Mike Slayen, who would have been on tonight if there were able.  And a huge thanks to Chris Thuss, who tabulated the panel’s picks at bottom.  Thanks buddy!

A great time was had by all, thank you for watching.  See you next week for Polychuck!






      1. It wouldn’t have been nearly as good without you all. Just a little correction to my final entry, the composers last name is spelt Bergeaud.

        Oh and I forgot to mention- you know you’ve made it as a celebrity when T-Bone writes a song about you.

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        1. And I love your idea of extending it into a full song that can be played more than once a year.

          We are both pretty lucky, as I got the Tee Bone treatment as well! I know he is very happy with how the songs were received by the gang.

          I’ve also received my first request to have Lana return in the future so we’ll have to do that as well!

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        2. T-Bone deserves every bit of praise he’s been getting for them. That man is a lyrical genius like no other.

          If T-Bone does extend it, allow me to put in a request for some Mad Max references in the video if possible (one of my old profile picks has me posing with a replica of the V8 Interceptor)

          And Lana provides a very unique perspective among our community. I would love to see her back.

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        3. I hope Lana gets her James Durbin CD!

          SO Harrison your job now is to keep an eye open for Piledriver: The Wrestling Album II because it has this song of mine on it.

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    1. I don’t own them physically they are very rare. But I bought it on iTunes and I highly recommend it. If you missed that part you might wanna check out when I talked about it. Great band!

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  1. Omg, please thank Chris for me for typing out everyone’s picks! I love the variety we had from Heart to Iron Maiden to movie soundtracks, it was awesome! Thank you so much Harrison and Mike for having me on for your birthday celebration! Everyone picked great songs that represented them and I enjoyed meeting every single one of you (I wouldn’t saw in-person, but “face to face”). Thank T-Bone also for his songs “F*ck Pants” and “Happy Birthday to the Mad Metal Man.” That dude is a legend and his videos are so creative and I love how he’s able to put someone’s face into other characters! Plus, that screenshot of Scott’s dog was brilliant!


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