Rest in Peace original Helix keyboardist Don Simmons

Late yesterday we were informed that Don Simmons, the original founding keyboard player from Helix, had passed away. He was 64.

Simmons played in the original Helix band, with singer Brian Vollmer, drummer Bruce Arnold, guitarist Ron Watson, and bassist Keith “Burt” Zurbrigg. Simmons gigged with Helix from 1974-1976, and was still in the group for a short time when Brent “The Doctor” Doerner joined, beginning the transformation into the modern band.

In 2004, Helix staged a massive reunion that included many of their former surviving members. The original band, including Simmons on keyboards, got up on stage for the first time in 30 years and played “Buff’s Bar Blues”, a mainstay of their early sets. The show was released as the 30th Anniversary Concert.

Don never stopped loving music and continued to play keyboard and guitar. Rest in peace, Don Simmons.



        1. I don’t know what Joey normally looked like, but the one picture that was going around yesterday was pretty bad. He looked way older than I am but he’s younger. He looked really unwell.


        2. The way we’re going, it’ll be both remaining Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Sam Moore, Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne, and Bruce Springsteen.

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        3. What’d poor Ringo ever do to you?

          I’m a musician too. I’d better watch my ass this week. I hope my death would affect you as much as Ringo’s.

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        4. LOL nothing against Ringo just that, well, if you were to rank musical ability…the other three guys…well I won’t say anything else ;)

          I hope you will not die any time soon!

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        5. Jesus Christ…just not…minutes ago…an old work buddy posted that his wife passed.

          He was maybe 10 years younger than me, she about the same age. Multiple Sclerosis. I’m heartbroken for him. He was such a nice guy. Huge AC/DC fan, Sloan fan, Trailer Park Boys fan. FUCK.


        6. I’m beyond upset/livid/sad/angry/pissed right now. I’ve had it with this whole fucking year.

          Let me tell you, sometimes the nicest kindest people are taken down and that’s what happened today.


        7. Hugs from America, you big Canadian Teddy Bear. When all else seems lost, remember you have my love! We’ll get through this shit hole year.

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    1. I work at a record store, and I saw Don a couple of times a week, he was a great guy with incredible music knowledge and taste and we all miss him as a customer and friend.


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