DVD REVIEW: Helix – 30th Anniversary Concert (2004)


HELIX – 30th Anniversary Concert (2004 EMI)

Helix will be turning 40 in 2014!  When I talked to Brian Vollmer back in September, he wasn’t interested in taking a look back this time.  Helix did glance back for their 30th in 2004, and this DVD was one of several celebratory releases.

The Helix DVD, the 30th Anniversary Concert, is one of the best rock videos I’ve seen. This band has so much history, and most of it was onstage that night, July 17 2004.

Vollmer decided to celebrate the 30th in style. Traveling to nearby Brantford and taking over the beautiful Sanderson Centre, Helix unveiled a setlist that honored their entire history, and guested nearly every band member from 1974 to 1990!

There were a few conspicuous by their absence, such as longtime bassist Daryl Gray, and a few that we knew couldn’t turn up (the then-missing Mike Uzelac, the late Paul Hackman). However, Brian Vollmer (only remaining original Helix member) proceeded to reunite members of the original 1974 Helix, which had never even been recorded before! From there we go to the lineup responsible for the first two albums (sans Hackman and Uzelac, replaced here by current Helix alum Rainer Weickmann and 1976 bassist Keith “Bert” Zurbrigg, wearing trademark tux). Brian Doerner is introduced as Canada’s greatest drummer, and while Neil Peart and Gary McCracken might disagree, he’s definitely up there. His brother Brent literally steals the show. Singing such lost classics as “Billy Oxygen” and “Crazy Women”, Brent still has that rock star quality. His guitar playing was stellar that night.

Other members from back in the day turned up: Leo Niebudek on drums, and then, finally…Greg “Fritz” Hinz, all the way from sunny Florida, behind the skins to celebrate Helix’ late 80’s heyday.

Not to be overshadowed, the 2004 Helix lineup returned to the stage for some more hits. “Archie” Gamble is a fantastic drummer, it should be noted, spinning his sticks while creatively keeping the time. The addition of a female vocalist, Cindy Weichmann, allowed the band to perform 1976’s “You’re A Woman Now” for the first time ever with a female vocal, just as it was on the album.

The nucleus of this DVD are the six tunes from the 70’s that rarely, if ever, get played today. As great as the hit 80’s material was, the 70’s stuff is what makes this DVD different from any other Helix product you can buy.

There are generous bonus features: interviews with Brian and his ever-supportive wife Lynda, candid scenes of rehearsals and Brian trying to get this monster concert together. There are interviews with fans who traveled all the way across the country to see this one show. Best of all are the clips of the old band members, now short-haired, meeting up again for the first time in years. “I’m Brian Drummer and I play Doerner,” says the drummer as he arrives. As Brian stands next to his twin brother Brent, Fritz says, “I never could tell you two apart”. It’s like watching someone’s family reunion video.

If you are a Helix fan, you have no excuse for not owning this. If you are only a casual Helix fan and want to check out some of their best stuff, this is the DVD package to get. Not only do you get the hits, but you get the history, and that’s not something to be ignored for a band that turned 30.

5/5 stars

This stuff below taken from the Wikipedia page, but I don’t care; I wrote the Wikipedia page.


All songs written by Brian Vollmer and Paul Hackman except where noted.

  1. The Band (includes the song “Ave Maria” performed by Brian Vollmer) (6:58)
  2. The Sanderson Theatre (5:54)
  3. The Concert: “Space Junk” (taped intro) (Rainer Wiechmann)/”Rockin’ In My Outer Space” (Bill Gadd, Rob Long, Tony Paleschi, Vollmer) (5:53)
  4. “Running Wild In The 21st Century” (3:53)
  5. “The Ballad of Sam and Mary” (Gadd, Long, Paleschi, Vollmer) (4:11)
  6. “It’s Hard to Feel the Sunshine When Your Heart is Full of Rain” (Gadd, Long, Paleschi, Vollmer) (3:35)
  7. The Original Helix: “Thinking It Over” (studio recording) (Del Shannon)/”Buff’s Bar Blues” (Alex Harvey) (9:59)
  8. The Early Years: “I Could Never Leave” (studio recording) (4:01)
  9. “Crazy Women” (Brent Doener) (3:41)
  10. “You’re A Woman Now” (Hackman) (6:59)
  11. “Billy Oxygen” (Doerner) (5:08)
  12. The Early 80’s: “Women, Whiskey & Sin” (studio recording) (Vollmer) (3:36)
  13. “It’s Too Late” (Doerner) (4:01)
  14. “Breaking Loose” (Vollmer, Doerner) (4:23)
  15. The Capitol Years: “Give It To You” (studio recording) (4:10)
  16. “Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'” (Joey Levine, Richard Rosenblatt) (3:24)
  17. “Heavy Metal Love” (3:45)
  18. “(Make Me Do) Anything You Want” (Paul Naummann, Danny Taylor) (4:03)
  19. “Deep Cuts the Knife” (Hackman, Bob Halligan, Jr. (4:31)
  20. “Wild in the Streets” (Hackman, Ray Lyell) (4:30)
  21. “Dirty Dog” (Vollmer, Doerner) (3:40)
  22. “Rock You” (Halligan) (6:23)
  23. “The Kids are All Shakin'” (4:54)
  24. Aftermath (includes the song “Danny Boy” performed by Brian Vollmer) (3:15)

Bonus Features

  1. 8mm Memories (8:44)



  • Brian Vollmer – lead vocals
  • Jim Lawson – guitar
  • Rainer Wiechmann – guitar
  • Cindy Wiechmann – acoustic guitar, vocals, keyboards
  • Jeff “Stan” Fountain – bass
  • Glen “Archie” Gamble – drums

Special guests: Everyone on “Rock You”

The Original Helix

Chapter 7, “Buff’s Bar Blues”

  • Brian Vollmer – lead vocals
  • Bruce Arnold – drums
  • Ron Watson – guitar
  • Don Simmons – keyboards
  • Keith “Burt” Zurbrigg – bass

The Early Years

Chapters 8-11

  • Brian Vollmer – lead vocals on all except “Crazy Women” and “Billy Oxygen”
  • Brent “The Doctor” Doerner – guitar, lead vocals on “Crazy Women” and “Billy Oxygen”
  • Brian Doerner – drums
  • Keith “Burt” Zurbrigg – bass
  • Rainer Wiechmann – guitar (standing in for Paul Hackman)

Special guests: Cindy Wiechmann and Cheryl Lescom – backing vocals on “You’re a Woman Now”, Cole G. Benjamin – keyboards on “Billy Oxygen”

The Early 80’s

Chapters 12-14

  • Brian Vollmer – lead vocals
  • Brent “The Doctor” Doerner – guitar
  • Leo Niebudek – drums
  • Keith “Burt” Zurbrigg – bass (standing in for Mike Uzelac)
  • Rainer Wiechmann – guitar (standing in for Paul Hackman)

The Capitol Years

Chapters 15-22

  • Brian Vollmer – lead vocals
  • Brent “The Doctor” Doerner – guitar
  • Greg “Fritz” Hinz – drums
  • Jeff “Stan” Fountain – bass (standing in for Mike Uzelac and Daryl Gray)
  • Rainer Wiechmann – guitar (standing in for Paul Hackman)

Special guest: Ray Lyell – vocals on “Wild in the Streets”

Studio songs

  • Brian Vollmer – lead vocals on all studio songs
  • Paul Hackman – guitar on all studio songs
  • Brent “The Doctor” Doener – guitar on all studio songs
  • Keith “Burt” Zurbrigg – bass on “Thinking It Over” and “I Could Never Leave”
  • Brian Doerner – drums on “Thinking It Over” and “I Could Never Leave”
  • Mike Uzelac – bass on “Women, Whiskey & Sin”
  • Leo Niebudek – drums on “Women, Whiskey & Sin”
  • Daryl Gray – bass on “Give It To You”
  • Greg “Fritz” Hinz – drums on “Give It To You”


  1. Excellent review Mike,well detailed,great Sunday am read with the first coffee of the day!
    Vollmer when he does something he does it all the way not a half ass way,that’s why before I have stated here u gotta give him total respect for taking his craft so serious on stage and off.


    1. Well Mr. Deke, once again you said it very well. All true. Brian has always had an amazing work ethic, he never did a half-assed job. I remember seeing them in ’96 when they were just clubbing it not supporting an album, and he put on just as amazing a show as when I saw them on Wild in the Streets. Don’t know where he gets the energy.


  2. I just think he has the blue collar working man ethic,like u said wether its a bar or arena stage he gives it 110%…plus they wrote some good tunes….man I love Billy Oxygen ……


    1. I nearly shit my pants when I heard them play it on this DVD.

      Brian Doerner rejoined the band shortly after, and they put the song back in the set for a while with Brian singing.


  3. Cool stuff,that looks like Gray on bass?? Anyways thank for posting I know for a while on there website they had posted a live version as well of Oxygen….I dig the fact that guys like Doerner,Vollmer play like there playing infront of 10 or 10,000 people…they always delivered the goods live ..still do….


  4. I remember missing the boat on the debut for capital No Rest….but when I seen the Rock You vid I was hooked and bought all of there purchases still do as a matter of fact except for all the compilations etc..I would think it would be time for a new live album though…….


    1. Yeah no doubt. They’ve done enough studio albums in recent years to warrant it. I would like to see one done like the Half Alive thing, have stuff from different eras, different members.


  5. Yeah that would be interesting,I’m sure Brian has some live stuff in the vaults from yrs past…
    Long Way To Heaven tour comes to mind……seen them and Honeymoon Suite together as a co headlining bill in the summer of 85….good show…….


  6. Jeez, 40? That’s amazing. And I say that and mean it – THAT’S AMAZING! Good on ’em.

    You wrote up this DVD very well. Cool stuff. Really great that they got as many guys together as they could. But man, did you actually type all of that detail in there, at the end?

    I saw Honeymoon Suite in the mid-90s. Singer was drunk, yelling at the police (for some dumb reason) and at the crowd (for not being exuberant enough). Not a good scene. Still cool to hear those songs, great band from my childhood.


    1. You’re so funny. Right above all that detail at the end is the disclaimer where I said I was cutting and pasting from the Wikipedia article. Which I wrote. So in a sense, yes, I did type all that detail in there!…about 2 years ago.


        1. You were the first to get around to writing Helix’ page? Sven Gali, man, I hadn’t thought of them in years either! And as for Kathryn’s, that’s cool. I love how you mention Evil Kirk and give it the sace and, oh yeah, there was a bunch of other stuff on there too. Haha ;)


        2. I didn’t initiate a Helix wikipedia page, but I did rewrite it from scratch. Nothing of the original text survives. I then wrote articles on Brian Vollmer, Paul Hackman, Brian Doerner, My Wicked Twin, and all the Helix album articles.


  7. Hey! Thanks for including me in this review. I played keyboards for a few songs that night (& also was a “side-man” with the band for a few years after). After being a HUGE Helix fan in my teenage years, it was an absolute honour to share the stage with many of my heroes.
    Funny, after about 4 more shows I was playing guitar through Rainer’s rig so he could check out his sound through the mains at sound check. Brian V came on stage, looked at me & proclaimed “Holy F#ck! I didn’t realize you could play guitar like THAT! I’m under-utilizing you!” Such a great guy that Brian. Still friends with him to this day :)


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