Rest in Peace Dusty Hill (1949-2021)

The band that has had the same three members for 50 years has lost a brother. ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill is gone, in the middle of an absolutely brutal week for music. Joey Jordinson, Mike Howe, Don Simmons, and now Dusty Hill.

The bassist with the groove. The mover and the shaker. The guy who sang “I think it’s time to spank my monkey” on a mainstream rock album. He’s gone.

Dusty missed a show earlier and it was most likely the first time ZZ Top ever played without the bearded bassist. After 50 years in the same band together, you can bet that Billy Gibbons and Frank Beard are going to miss their brother.

Rest in Peace, Dusty Hill, May 19 1949 – July 28 2021.



    1. I’ve been a fan since a kid in 1985 said to me, “You’d like ZZ Top, they sound like Quiet Riot.”

      I said “I don’t think they sound like Quiet Riot, but I do like this.”


  1. Jesus, too many deaths in ONE weak. I’m afraid to just think about, who’s next.

    Such a shame about Dusty. Not a huge ZZ Top fan, but Tres Hombres was amazing. RIP


  2. was supposed to see them last year open for Def Leppard but then you know. missed my chance though sounds like they plan to continue but won’t be the same without him.

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  3. Not a ZZ Top fan, but I imagine it’s going to be so weird for the remaining members because those three were together for 50 years and then all of sudden they have no choice but to perform without him!

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