The LeBrain Train is proud to present Polychuck on a special Saturday episode!

The LeBrain Train: 2000 Words or More with Mike and Deke

Episode 77 – Polychuck


We’ve been talking about Montreal’s multi-instrumentalist Polychuck for a few weeks; well now it’s time to talk to the man himself!  His new EP Shadows Exposed features five new tracks, including “In the Dark” and “Beating Me Down”.  Introspective songs with modern urban beats and shredding guitar solos.  A unique combination to be sure.  Polychuck has been shredding since age 13!  We can’t wait to find out what makes him tick.  His use of striking visuals and unique influences are sure to come up in our conversation.


Saturday July 31, 1:00 PM E.S.T. on Facebook:  MikeLeBrain and YouTube:  Mike LeBrain.



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