Awesome Show & Tell! Top Music We’d Save From a Fire on the LeBrain Train

Let’s have a huge round of applause for our awesome panel tonight!  Showing off all our most beloved treasures, this show was a bounty of beautiful musical mana.

We didn’t stick strictly to the idea of saving “albums” from a fire.  We just made it “music” and in some cases it was “musical memorabilia”.  All good — all valuable in their own way.  Some valuable in serious monetary ways!  Wait until you hear how much some of these things cost today!

Special features tonight included:

  • Tons of show & tell! – Gene Simmons’ Vault, Metallica’s Fan Can #4, autographs, vinyl, cassettes, CDs & VHS!
  • The return of “The Author Reads“, the first in over 16 months.  This time I read Record Store Tales Part 19:  “The Rules” which directly related to my #1 pick.  (2:55:00 of the stream.)
  • Great stories from Aaron about his awesome Nana and B.B. King.


Thanks for watching and the awesome comments.  See you next week!





  1. An honour and a privilege to participate, as always, and super-cool to meet Lana onscreen! Everyone had such awesome picks and great stories. I liked how relaxed it was with just four guests too, no sense of needing to rush – you get better stories that way. Thanks so much for having me on again!

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  2. I didn’t know boxsets were allowed until I read your post promoting the show, so that made things easier for me lol! The show definitely featured some pricey items, but it proves how intense your music collections are! Thank you for having me again Mike! It was awesome being in a show with you, John, and Aaron! I loved chatting with everyone *in-person,* versus chatting through the WordPress comments section.

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