FIRE! What Music Would You Save? Join the discussion on the LeBrain Train

The LeBrain Train: 2000 Words or More with Mike and Friends

Episode 80 – Nigel Tufnel Top Music We’d Save From A Fire

We’ve all heard the question while hanging with pals over a couple drinks.  “What albums would you save from a fire?”  Nobody even wants to think of it!  But as a fun exercise, tonight we’ll tell you our Nigel Tufnel Top Ten Albums We’d Save From A Fire!  Whatever gets saved, you can be you’ll hear about some treasures that are very near and dear to our hearts.

Your panel this week:

Expect lots of show & tell.  John owns The Vault… I own a Fan Can… will these items make our lists?  What will be left to burn?  Find out tonight.

Friday August 20, 7:00 PM E.S.T. on Facebook:  MikeLeBrain and YouTube:  Mike LeBrain.


  • Greg Fraser of Storm Force returns!  Friday September 24 7:00 PM




  1. *Anticlimactically grabs hard drive with entire music collection ripped to it and more*

    Oh and his copy of Best of the Beast, the album responsible for him discovering Iron Maiden.

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    1. Hard drives don’t count! If that were the case I’d grab nothing because my hard drive is backed up 4x to different devices.

      Best of the Beast is a good pick though. Hard to replace in mind condition, especially when the MELT sticker still intact.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know, I was just being annoying.

        I wish the MELT sticker wasn’t intact and on it, but no way am I stupid enough to try removing it now. I’ll have my own little list in the comments of tomorrow’s recap for anyone interested.

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    1. My approach is simple: anything I can’t just order a new one qualifies. Narrowing it down is hard but you will see a variety of albums in my collection.

      But viewership has dropped and I hope you can watch tonight. Everybody else is going out on Fridays again, so my work here appears to be done.

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      1. That sucks! Time difference is the reason my viewing has always been afterwards, usually on the next day. Have enjoyed your show and the community feel. Thanks a million for doing the shows. What will u do with all the free time if the show is less frequent for now on?

        On your show topic. Everything that comes into the house gets ripped. Don’t even study the sleeves so closely anymore. Some of it, especially on cd, is so hard to read.

        Will u be getting the upcoming Metallica or Judas Priest boxes? Or how about that Whitesnake set?

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        1. Yes to all three. Priest, Metallica and Whitesnake are all going to live here soon :)

          I hope to use the free time doing more writing and listening. And hopefully also finding a new creative outlet whatever that may be!

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