VIDEO: Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back reissue board game / figure unboxing


  1. Snowspeeder Luke has white gloves too, compared to the black gloves of X-Wing Luke. And I too always loved the flight uniform outfit of the rebels.

    It would be really cool if there was a feasible way to play all these board games with each other privately over Streamyard or something.

    Also, him Grimlock confused by big amount of numbers.

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      1. I’ll gladly go back to that tale. Ok, well the Kenner figure is inaccurate (not that I hold it against them). I was using my viewing of the movies with actual Luke in there as a reference for that distinction.

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        1. Well he’s gloved in A New Hope along with all the other X-Wing pilots, but when he exited on Dagobah he took his gloves off. So technically the Kenner figure is accurate to that scene.


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