VIDEO: Star Wars – Escape From Death Star reissue board game / Tarkin figure unboxing

For the first Star Wars video game unboxing video, click here.


  1. This is cool. As a kid I would have loved this sort of thing. Imagine having a board game corresponding with each scene such that you could play through the entire movie.

    Speaking of that, I just beat Super Star Wars yesterday. Bloody hard it was.

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      1. I did have a huge advantage that you didn’t. I was playing the modern remaster which had a save function added. I never even got close to Leia on the original SNES version.

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        1. It was always awesome what they could do on that old technology with the Star Wars brand.

          I was also fond of a game called Captain Skyhawk (the only NES game me or my brother ever beat) and Solstice (a hugely ambitious and difficult puzzle solver).

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        2. I’ve seen a screenshot from a Star Wars themed SFX magazine from 2005. AT-ATs translate well to 8 bit.


        3. A screenshot of Atari Empire Strikes Back, that is. Not a screenshot of the magazine. I have the magazine in person.


  2. Yes! I still have the original stored away and have played it with my kids in recent years. It’s still a fun game. I’ve also still got the Destroy the Death Star game, which came out around the same time and you can play them back-to-back to extend the Star Wars fun. I still like the design of these games and seeing those cards always takes me back to a good place!

    I never knew about the Hoth game though… Now that’s a eye-opener.

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    1. I REALLY wanted Destroy the Death Star! A neighbour had it and I played it a few times. But I have never owned it myself. I seem to remember it being my favourite of them all.


      1. I’ll bet that if I’d have played the Hoth game, but didn’t own it, that one would be my favourite! :D
        Destroy the DS was always cool as you had the X-Wings and effectively had video game lives during the play, which was almost as exciting as playing the wireframe arcade game when that was finally released to arcades… Kidz today don’t know they’re born!


        1. Wow that’s cool man. We have too many games, but the lake used to be a communal place where you’d play a new one every day.

          The main ones, like you are Risk and Monopoly. I have two Stratego boards (one Star Wars) and a Star Wars Life! The best game, I kid you not, is Jurassic Park III. You can play as a human or the dinos. I always pick the dinos. It has a bunch of cool dinosaur pieces, and a huuuuuge board that folds out.

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        2. The best part is we found it sealed, at a church garage sale! They were asking $1 but I could not pay that in good conscience so we gave them $5 which is still way too little.

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      1. Probably because figure collectors need something to be outraged about, so that seems like a place to start. If they really wanna make them bonkers, they oughta have a Jar-Jar figure in a game. Exclusive, super-rare. Just to make them buy it at silly prices lol.

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        1. Some of them go way too far. I agree with a lot of the criticism about Hasbro. I was watching one guy bitch about Hasbro Pulse, and HasLab, and I was on board until he spent too much time bitching about the movies. Pick a lane guy.


        2. Well I’ll enlighten you:

          Hasbro Pulse: Pay a membership fee so you can browse for exclusives that often sell out before you can buy them.

          HasLab: A multi-billion dollar company that crowdfunds new projects. Holding your money for over a year until the toys get made. And I think you have to be a Pulse member first to be a HasLab funder.

          Both are huge scams that should be avoided.


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