#945: Spinning Vinyl ’75

RECORD STORE TALES #945: Spinning Vinyl ’75

If there was ever a photo that prophesized the future, I have found it.  Taken in late 1975, there I am listening to a record with a big pair of headphones on.  I was merely three, but look at the smile on my face.  And the clothes…am I wearing shoes in the house?

Behind me, the original family stereo.  Every family in the neighbourhood had one.  Ours had an 8-track player and a turntable.  You can tell I’m playing a record, and not a tape, because the cover is off the turntable.  The big clunky headphones didn’t fit my head, but they would later.  Because this system had an 8-track deck, it also came with two microphones.

Oh my God I just realized my mom put a plant on top of the stereo!

Since this is before Star Wars, I probably wasn’t listening to music.  I only remember owning two records.  One was a Lone Ranger story record, and the other was The Flintstones.  But they came out after this picture was taken.  If this photo had been taken in the Instagram era, the cover would be prominently displayed behind me.  Sadly we’ll never know what I was listening to.



  1. I choose to believe you were listening to Sabbath. My folks had an encyclopedia set too, but they had white spines, New World, something like that. And yeah, a plant on the stero… the big question is, was that plant set onto a doily first? Lol. My mother-in-law still has their old original coffin-like stereo where you lift the lid and the LP/8-track is inside. Talk about a time capsule.

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    1. Yes let’s go with Sabbath! And yes I remember lots of doilies! My grandpa had a big one, maybe the kind of thing you are talking about? It was like a big piece of furniture with a lid.


        1. Yeah, CDs are easier to collect and store. I know CDs are going out of style and the stores aren’t making things any easier, but they work for me. I’ll take your word on it about CDs having better sound quality.

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        2. It still sucks though with what is happening with the CD industry. Walmart used to be my favorite store because of the electronics, but now they hardly have any CDs (except for Hawaiian stuff, which I hate).


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