VHS Archives #104: MuchMusic ads for the Pepsi Power Hour, Springsteen, Michael Jackson, U2 and GN’R

Here’s a grab bag of ads from MuchMusic from 1988 and 1992. They are:

  • A bumper for the Pepsi Power Hour (Molten Mondays!) featuring Metal Tim (the blonde guy).
  • Bruce Springsteen’s “only televised concert ever”!
  • Guns N’ Roses Live at the Ritz on the Miller Big Ticket, a legendary concert.
  • Michael Jackson’s Dangerous tour
  • U2’s Zoo TV tour.

A fun little collection of ads that bring back the memories.


    1. Good time of year to sift through old videos again. I’ve posted 99% of the best stuff but I still have some things left. Tomorrow won’t interest you, but hopefully will provide content that the web has been missing out on for a long time. The east coast band Sandbox starring Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys. I just uploaded a TV special called the “Sandbox Wake” that aired after the band split in 1999. I seem to be the only guy who has it. I’ll be posted a link for that tomorrow.

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    1. Speaking of whom I see the Boss has a 1979 live album coming out!

      I remember City TV used to have a jingle to the tune of 57 channels, claiming they had “everything on”!


        1. Funny about the 57 channels thing. It seemed like so many. Now…

          I found an Isaac Asimov interview from 1980 where he predicted one day “everyone will have their own channel.” And now here we are with Youtube and everyone can indeed have their own channel. Isaac was right,

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  1. Oh, the Pepsi power hour. The memories!!! I remember Much East too. Sloan was pretty hyped up at the time.

    Did you know that the actor who played Jacob’s brother was in the Inbreds? That’s another cool east coast band. They were a two piece. The singer played a bass, but it was tuned more like a guitar. It’s nice to see Japandroids keeping the two piece tradition alive now.

    From I’d say, age 13 to age 30, I was addicted to MuchMusic. I watched a ton of music videos. I loved some of the other shows though, like Test Pattern (Dan Gallagher I think was the VJ, a big John Candy like dude). My favourite VJ was Steve Anthony. On my way to Montreal, I’d tune into CHOM so that I could hear his shows.

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