Tim, Marco and Meat list the Top 5 Closing Tracks of All Time

Tim Durling from Tim’s Vinyl Confessions, and his fellow Contrarian, Marco D’Auria, were the special guests on this week’s LeBrain Train and they absolutely nailed their lists!  The topic:  Top 5 Album Closers of All Time.  This was probably a more challenging set of lists than Album Openers was.  There was very little crossover, but many excellent selections from the mainstream to the obscure.

Insightful and entertaining banter abound.  Watch the show to the end to get the “bonus tracks”:  the runners-up that were just as exciting as the songs that made our lists.  Another bonus:  Our picks for worst album closer of all time!

Thanks Tim and Marco for spending your time with Eric and I tonight.  We had a blast.  Let’s do it again!



    1. Don’t let the running time fool you…we had some technical audio issues at the beginning so it was a late start. I played three songs.
      And we talked a lot about their projects as well. And then after the lists, the runners up were just awesome!

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    1. Holy cow, I am honoured man. Thanks for watching and I hope my mug didn’t break the big screen. Nice that we are at this stage in the pandemic where watching TV with a friend is a thing again.


  1. I loved seeing Tim and Marco together! You should bring them on more often. But as always, the lists were great and I loved seeing obscure picks because it makes me feel better knowing that we all like different things!


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