#958: Coffee With Scott

LeBrain Train viewers know Scott, my mega-Kiss-fan friend for four decades.  The other day we went out for a hang in the freezing cold, drinking bad coffee, eating bad food, and freezing our asses.  But we had a great time doing it.

Our conversation was wide-ranging, from idiots in the drive-through, to childhood memories.  This led to a tangent on the “Mandela Effect“.   One of Scott’s memories, of a rare Saturday Night Live sketch with Will Ferrell and featuring Kiss music, was driving him crazy.  Was it real, or just fantasy?  Probably due to music copyrights, you can’t find this sketch online.

One day sitting at home with no PVR or ways to record television, Scott saw the episode that the Kiss sketch was in.  He sat at the edge of his seat, waiting to see the sketch again for the first time in years.  Refresh his mind on what it was about, and the Kiss tunes used.  Just as his dog needed to go walkies.

I don’t need to tell you what happened.  But I will.

Scott got back in, and his lovely wife Ellen told him, “There was just a sketch on Saturday Night Live that you would have liked, it had Kiss music!”

Ooft.  Shock me!




        1. Scott responds:

          If memory serves me, she was occupied and it was my turn. Add in I thought I would be back in in time, but Henry decided he needed to take a shit. It was the fates lining up to fuck me once again. Lol
          Another example: going to Cinema 1 to buy a copy of the Rhino MST3K volume 10, the one with the Godzilla movies, the day after it was pulled from the shelves over copyright. That’s my luck.


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