#959: Boosted


Always look on the bright side of life!  My wife may be sick, but during a global pandemic, that makes her a priority.  And as her primary caregiver, that makes me a priority too.  Small blessings.

I met Jen at the pharmacy after work (the big clinics are gone now).  The pharmacist is a good friend of ours.  I filled out the paperwork and Jen went ahead, just as I was starting to have an anxiety attack.  I really hate needles.

It’s funny, but I was listening to Kick Axe on the way to the pharmacy, and the song “Just Passing Through” came on.  I couldn’t help but think of the lyrics through the lens of what I was about to do.

“Steppin’ out into history.”

Yes, we are making history every time we go for our vaccines.  Whether you are pro or con vaccine, this is a universal truth.   We’re making history as we do things never done before.

“Caught inside the revolvin’ door.”

It sure did feel that way as I rolled my sleeve up for shot number three.

“I’ve got to figure out this mystery,
Ah too many questions I can’t ignore.”

I would love to know all the answers.  I want to know how this ends.  I want to visualize the endgame.  But we’ll just have to wait.  The universe tends to unfold as it will.

Ironically the song “Just Passing Through” is about how temporary life really is.  “Just passin’ through, we all may be back someday.”  OK, so I’m scared of needles, no big deal.  But sometimes the Facebook doctors and Twitter trolls start to take a toll on you, just from reading their poison.  But then I remember:  I trust my doctor.  I trust my pharmacist.  It’ll be OK.

I hadn’t told my pharmacist how bad my anxiety could get, but I paced the floor a bit until I was ready.  I needed something to look at while he gave me the needle.  He let Jen come in the room to take a picture of me.  I just looked at her Aerosmith shirt until the moment you see in the picture.

Now I’m boosted with a Pfizer-Moderna-Pfizer combo, an effective mixture against Covid19; so say the studies.  I’m glad that this is done just before the holidays.  I’ll be at maximum efficacy right around the time we go out to dinner to celebrate Jen’s birthday, almost to the minute!  As always, I promise I’ll update the world if either of us experience any adverse effects.

In the meantime, we’re just passing through.



  1. You got your booster shot? Congrats (I hope that’s the right word)! I wish you the best of luck on your recovery (in case you get any side effects). Ironically, you picked the perfect song to listen to on your way to the pharmacy. I’m getting my booster on December 18, wish me luck!

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    1. They let people your age get boosted? I thought they were only giving them to the elderly and immune compromised? As an extra help, the NIH says taking Vitamin D is very effective at warding off bad symptoms from getting the actual virus. Of course the news won’t tell you that since they’re all sponsored by the vaccine manufacturers, and want you to prioritize the shot. Doing both is viable!

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        1. Sounds like a good idea. I know with some of those vitamins, they are sometimes more effective in combination with other vitamins, so I’ll talk to Vu (pharmacist) and see what he’s got. He got me some vitamin C gummies but I didn’t like them. I prefer a candy-like chewable to a gummy.


        2. Some of Canada gets lots of concerts. If you’re lucky to live within driving distance of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon or Halifax. Otherwise millions of Canadians get as many concerts as Hawaii does.

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    1. Convenient! The USA is so far ahead of us in vaccinations. I shouldn’t even be eligible yet until January. Jen’s health has this one minor advantage. But an office doing a clinic? I dont know anyone in Canada with that convenience. We’re sitting on doses waiting in freezers. For what? They’ll expire.

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        1. I’m not at 6 months yet but Jen is my loophole. LOL

          Just glad to have it done, and if I have to go back again in six more months, so be it. I’m visiting my grandma in the hospital tomorrow so it makes me feel better to be boosted.

          Last night sucked. I was unconscious by 8:30 PM. Today I’m fine.

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  2. Good on you for getting the booster. At least they didn’t do to you what they did to me. I was given the booster in my left arm and the nurse decided I needed my flu shot, so I got that in my right arm.

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  3. KICK AXE!! Awesome. I understand the anxiety about needles. Myself, I just look away and it’s over quickly. I know lots of folks, though, who rightly get weirded out by being stabbed by something sharp on purpose. But I’m glad you’re doing your part, especially for you guys and especially since things seem to be ramping up again goddammit. My lovely wife got her booster already (hospital staff), our son and I are good to go for boosters in January, and our daugther just got her first shot (she’s 10 years old) not long ago.


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