VHS Archives #115: Erica Ehm talks to Bret Michaels about Native Tongue while Richie Kotzen just sits there

1993:  Native Tongue was not doing well on the charts, but MuchMusic dutifully had Bret Michaels and new guitarist Richie Kotzen on hand for an interview with Erica Ehm.  It’s a pretty solid 10 minutes, touching on the following topics:

  • Getting “serious” lyrically
  • Safe sex
  • C.C. leaving the band, Bobby breaking his hand
  • Reasons for being in a band, still
  • The “Stand” video, and the Bill Clinton inauguration
  • Critics
  • Bret writing “country music”?
  • Toning down the image

Richie Kotzen utters one complete sentence the whole time.  This interview is remarkable not because Bret Michaels is always entertaining, but because Richie Kotzen didn’t fit in and it’s painfully obvious.



  1. I hate watching awkward interviews, but I just wanted to comment that I feel bad for the guy. Also, the Contrarians did an episode about ‘Native Tongue’ not too long ago. I haven’t watched it yet, but I will eventually.


        1. That’s a great idea for a list show!

          If you look at the comments in the Metal Mike / Bret Michaels interview, I caught a lot of flack for calling this Poison’s best album. The guy says, “well I went to a lot of other sites and they don’t agree with you.” All I can say is you went to the wrong sites.

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  2. Politics of it all aside, I remember liking the album at the time. Been ages since I heard it, though. I tried Flesh And Blood recently, an album I loved, and it was good but maybe I wasn’t in the mood. If I see a cheap copy I might grab it and just see.


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