SURPRISE! A Tribute to Aaron from the Community! Featuring new video by Tee Bone!

The secret is out!  This show was a month in planning.  We have been wanting to do a tribute to AARON from the KMA for some time now, due to his passion for Community.  And tonight we finally did it, surprising him with a blindside like no other!

For the last month, Tee Bone has been secretly toiling away on his new magnum opus, like a Mr. Holland gone mad, with late nights and early mornings.

Now we can reveal the truth:  the Community that Aaron nurtured has repaid him in song.  The new track “Community” features our contributions and our tributes to the man.  The very first duet with Tee Bone and Meat together, and the first vocal contributions from LeBrain and Geoff Stephen in a Tee Bone song!  And we got to spring the surprise on him live!  His reactions are on video for you to see yourself.

We had a full house tonight with Harrison, Kevin, Sarah, Geoff, Meat, Deke, John Snow and Tee Bone all in the house with James and Aaron!  A first!

Key points:

  • Interview with Aaron and James begins at 15:30.
  • The surprise is sprung at 46:30, followed by the debut of the “Community” music video.

If you were able to watch live, thank you for helping making Aaron’s party something truly special!


You will be able to buy “Community” on Bandcamp next week.  Wahoo!!


      1. It’s fine! I was just happy to see Aaron’s reaction to the whole extravaganza. Plus, it was a rare occasion seeing so many people on at the same time! Geoff, John, Harrison, Kevin, Sarah, Meat, Deke, and James. It was amazing!


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