Don’t You Know These Are 2000 Lists? Top 5 from the year 2000 on the LeBrain Train

Lots of surprises and a couple F-bombs on the show this week!

Normally you would expect Tim Durling (Tim’s Vinyl Confessions) and I to agree about everything.  This week, we did not!  Instead, Eric Litwiller and I matched nearly album for album.  Meanwhile, John T. Snow (2Loud2OldMusic) snuck in some really different picks.  Plenty of discussion, disagreement, love and laughs!

We started the show with an “ABSUЯD” unboxing and a special surprise from Aaron!  Thanks for watching!  If you missed it you can catch it below.



Upcoming Schedule:

  • Friday February 25, 7:00 PM:  Top Ballads with Eric, John, Harrison, and Rob Daniels
  • Saturday February 26:  Tim’s Vinyl Confessions – Journey
  • Friday March 12, 7:00 PM:  Ten Year Anniversary of Record Store Tales
  • Friday March 26, 7:00 PM:  Two Year Anniversary of the LeBrain Train with Tee Bone
  • Friday April 1, 7:00 PM:  The Prank Show featuring Michael Morwood and Chris Thuss


  1. For next week, What are you guys defining as a ballad? When I hear “ballad”, I think of sappy power ballads from the ’80s like Every Rose Has Its Thorn. That’s why I said I don’t believe there has ever been a good one. But then Meat says to listen to a Ween song. So, I’m confused.

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    1. We’re going with the slow/sappy definition of ballad. We did it once before on FB Live in 2020, but the connection was bad and it’s unwatchable. This will be a re-do.

      Meat can be confusing but White Pepper is a great album.

      Every Rose will NOT be on my list. But Def Leppard might be.

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