The Millennium Show: Top Five Albums from the year 2000

The LeBrain Train: 2000 Words or More with Mike & Friends

Episode 98 – The Millennium Show: Top Five Albums from the year 2000

A suggestion from the Meat Man — why not do our top albums from the year 2000?  The turn of the millennium was a weird time in metal.  A lot of bands were still suffering from the fallout of the past decade, while others were in the midst of big comebacks.  But there were so much more than just metal in 2000, as you will see with tonight’s lists!

The panel this evening:

Give ’em a follow while you’re at it, and make sure you don’t miss tonight’s show!  As always, the best way is to catch it live so you can participate in the comments.  And as usual, there will be special unboxings for those who show up early!  There could be something “ABSUЯD” in there.

Saturday February 18, 7:00 PM E.S.T. on YouTubeFacebook and also Facebook!


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    1. Interesting because they pandered to the masses with a crappy comeback album? I played Crush the other day and while it’s a lot better than I remember, it was a “Crush”ing disappointment at that time.

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      1. Yeah, I mean it worked for them since ‘Crush’ gave the band a younger fanbase. Personally, I love that album, but I can see why some people think it was a step back for them. Nice pun, by the way!


  1. this is going to be interesting. I’ll pick these and wait and see if any of them appear on your lists:
    glassjaw: everything u ever wanted to know about silence
    Soulfly: primitive
    mudwayne: l.d. 50
    linkin park: hydrid theory
    disturbed: the sickness

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  2. Linkin Park got a mention!

    I could have added Spineshank: The Height of Callousness, Matchbox Twenty: Mad Season,
    The Union Underground, Eminem: The Marshall Mathers LP. Where u among the haters?

    Back in 2000 couldn’t stand U2 but now with the All That You Can’t Leave Behind 20th anniversary release I really love that album, getting senile I think…


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