Sunday Screening: Scorpions – “Rock Believer”

Scorpions are back with their new album Rock Believer!  The excellent title track, an uplifting ballad-like construction of anthemic quality, must surely be one of their best songs from the past two or three decades. From the vintage-looking artwork to the mighty Teutonic rock melodies of the Scorpions, it is clear that Klaus and the gang are back.  Unlike some past records like Humanity: Hour 1 and Comeblack, praise this time is fairly unanimous.  It’s clear this band still has “Gas in the Tank” as they “Knock ‘Em Dead” in 2022!  Have a great weekend and as we absorb the new album; enjoy the fabulous title track!  Are you a Rock Believer?


  1. Was expecting a balls-to-the-wall rocker with this one given all the praise it was getting. My expectations weren’t met, but I still enjoyed the song a bit. I’m not really possessed to listen to it again, but I don’t dislike anything about it.

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  2. Scorps are back with a very solid release. Everyone expects a full out barrage sonically from these guys but they are in there 70s! Scorps are still cranking it out loud at there age and take it for what it is in this day and age…

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    1. There’s one tune on the album that’s a real banger, heavy as anything from the back catalog. Only difference — Klaus isn’t screaming anymore. But neither is Ian Gillan and everybody’s fine with that!


        1. They really dove into the old school vibe in a way they didn’t even on albums like Unbreakable, which was also considered a throwback album at the time. But I’m loving it, I got the full 16 track album and the bonus tracks are all worth having too. Only thing they didn’t include was that song Sign of Hope from 2020.

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        2. I dropped the ball and only ordered the single album. Should have paid more attention and grabbed the deluxe but I streamed those bonus tracks and they are better than bonus tracks lol

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        3. Yeah they are. I was reading that they were thinking of doing a double album. With the bonus disc, they pretty much did a double album. I guess they had a lot of time to write, long delays.


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