VHS Archives #122: Rockhead – Ear to the Ground

CBC had a music program called Ear to the Ground in the early 1990s.  Their Rockhead episode aired at the tail end of 1993 (judging by the New Year’s ads).  Rockhead, of course, included producer extraordinaire Bob Rock on lead guitar — and as a writer and musician, he’s as good as the bands he produced.  But what made Rockhead special was not Bob himself.  It was the singer he discovered, Steve Jack, a new screamer who could easily compete with the big boys on the scene.

Apparently Bob Rock experienced some resistance from people who thought being a successful producer should be enough.  This is discussed alongside some killer live and rehearsal footage.  Drummer Chris Taylor and bassist Jamey Kosh also get some camera time to talk about the boss!  Other topics:

  • Four years of effort to get the record out
  • Going from unknowns to opening for Bon Jovi in Europe
  • Being true to your roots
  • The evolution of the songs and trying to say something “a little more deep”

The problem with the show Ear to the Ground was that they played a lot of music, but not complete songs.  This meant it was both light on interviews, and light on music.  Sort of a soupy in-between.  You be the judge.

I left in one ad for the Kids in the Hall!  Enjoy.

Check out Deke’s awesome album review here.


        1. That was their band name in the movie. The Lone Rangers. The DJ made fun of them. “You pluralized The Lone Ranger? There’s only one of him, that’s the point!”

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        2. I actually just saw it recently. It’s a much better comedy than I thought it would be. Extra fun for rock fans, good Lemmy cameo. Actually kind of flirts with some serious subject matter, dealing with how these types of people put all their effort into what’s most likely going to be a pipe dream.

          Also Kramer (Michael Richards) is in it which totally blindsided me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in anything but UHF, Seinfeld, and then this.

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout. I never saw this originally so pretty cool stuff. CBC wow did not this show existed until well this morning. lol Too bad Rockhead never took off but that was the climate back then.

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    1. Well it was your review that reminded me that I have been sitting on this tape! I was worried that with all the music played, I’d get a copyright ding. But I did not.

      Played the album twice yesterday because of you and not a bad song. Timing was shit :(

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