VHS Archives #123: Poison’s Bret Michaels and Rikki Rockett talk to Steve Anthony on MuchMusic – 1988

I love this vintage interview clip. If anyone in rock holds the title of “Captain A.D.D.”, it would have to be Poison’s Bret Michaels! This scattershot blurb on good press vs. bad press goes about a million miles per hour, but it’s all fun.



      1. By the time the show rolled into Winnipeg Warrant got the boot and it was Don Dokkens Up from the Ashes band which demolished Poison that night..Norum and White put a guitar clinic whereas CC played god knows what during his solo…

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        1. Yup…Poison played 75 minutes and 15 of those minutes was tied up with drum and guitar solo’s. Call laid on his back on one of the ramps for most of the show so he was basically playing open A notes on his bass. Micheals tried man he really did…


  1. I was lucky then since I saw then open for Ratt just after their debut was released and Talk dirty to me was playing on MTV: They had a lot of energy back then,


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