Sunday Screening: The Contrarians Presents “The Worst of Episode 1: KISS – Lazy Nights”

Creating your own “Worst Of Kiss” album is a fun concept.  I could certainly come up with some variations on that theme!  In this Contrarians episode, Marco and Bret each picked five songs for their Lazy Nights: The Worst of Kiss compilation.  Marco did one side, Bret the other.  And Bret is right that you could pick all Gene songs!  But that wouldn’t make for a real Kiss compilation.

Marco and I have some disagreements here.  I’m more in tune with Bret.  See what you think!




        1. As long as you don’t include Trek 5 as part of it.

          Watching Trek 5, I noticed a couple interesting shots that Shatner came up with, but it really seems like someone’s directorial debut that’s for sure.


        2. Although that’s in there with Sybok and his followers, I don’t think the message translated to the screen. Although there’s really no explanation given for how Bones managed to retain his free will, other than he’s one of the core 3 cast members and had to remain with Kirk and Spock. LOL.

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        3. I will say the novelisation, as they often were back then, was vastly superior to the movie. Things were explained in a much more logical detailed way. I don’t recall if there were rock men in the novel but I do know the God planet was completely different. The motives of the characters were fleshed out far better especially Sybok.

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        4. As a kid at the lake with no cable or VCR, those Blish were as close to Star Trek as I could get and I loved them. Warm memories. I had a few of the old Gold Key comics from the early 70s, those were a mixed bag.


        5. I would read them at the cottage too. I’d pick the thickest ones I could find, more bang for my buck. They were usually the non-numbered ones. Enterprise: The First Adventure and Strangers from the Sky are the ones I remember most. I had to read them a few times or it was nothing, lol. Strangers from the Sky was all about humans making first contact with Vulcans. Then “First Contact” came out, making all non-canon. Thanks Picard, lol


        6. Oh by the way I don’t know if you saw but I ordered a Japanese copy of ZZ Top Rhythmeen. It was the cheapest of the Japanese CDs available so I figured “Why not”?

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        7. Awesome. Looking forward to it. Who knows if I’ll ever “get them all” but when I’m looking to fill a shopping cart to justify shipping from Japan, there are always ZZ Top options out there.

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        8. Probably issues with multiple record labels I assume? Maybe not.

          But yes I agree fully, even just a regular compilation with this material would be fine by me.


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