“I Love My Dolls” – The Snow & Tell Collectables show

A terrific show tonight, as we (literally in some cases) dusted off some rare rock and roll collectables.  All apologies for showing off my ample stomach; fortunately you got to see some equally ample collections as well!  Kiss, Leppard, Maiden, Sabbath…we brought you some of the coolest vintage items and stories to go with them.  Ticket stubs?  Lots!  Tour programs?  Got ’em.  Things you didn’t know existed?  Check that box off as well.  Random stuff sent to us by Aaron?  Aye carumba!

Guests tonight included John Snow who has a nice collection of autographs, and Harrison Kopp with some rare old CDs.

Next week is the 2 year anniversary LeBrain Train with Rob Daniels and Tee Bone (and hopefully more)!  Thanks for watching, as we roll into a 3rd year of the Train!




    1. One of the many concerts I’ve seen at the Centre in the Square in Kitchener over the years. We had a membership there so we had first crack at tickets. A long of front row and second row seats. Marshall was great live. Her band was awesome, she wore a sparkly suit, and had so much charisma on stage.


  1. Hey that’s interesting to hear. Fan club’s going mp3. I just noticed here that the few music magazines that are still going (Mojo, Uncut) seem to have gone mp3 too. They have had sort of “indie” hits collections and every once in a while cool collectables like cover albums and such. Was shocked to see the latest classic rock magazine boasting on the cover about the mp3 link to free music instead of having a cd glued to the cover..just sad. Hope they are not all following this trend.

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    1. It makes sense as a cost cutting measure, putting a track online cost virtually nothing compared to the relatively cheap pennies of making a CD. Plus you have guys like Deke now who don’t even have a way to play a CD anymore.


  2. Hey John, from that BJ tour I got the black skull t-shirt that had the text we came, we saw and we kicked ass and when wearing that one to school I got sent home to change into another t-shirt.

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      1. I had a third one which was Poison from the Flesh and Blood Tour but like the live show from 91 it was crap…I gave it to my sister a few years ago when she went to see them with Leppard I believe…

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        1. Sometime I see on Facebook people saying, “Poison always put on a good show, always gave value for the money.” I always think, “Oh yeah sure, tell that to Dekes!”

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        2. Yeah well they had an off night for sure and it was a SATURDAY night as well..guess the vices caught up with two of them that night and I’m sure you know which 2..


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