VHS Archives #127: Ugly Kid Joe hit on Teresa Roncon on the Power 30 – 1993

Ahh, summer. The boys in Ugly Kid Joe were on the make with Teresa Roncon on the Power 30, in the warm rays of 1993. Their open flirtations with the host is unusual by today’s standards. If Teresa was irritated by Whitford Crane and Dave Fortman, she didn’t let on. Total professional.

Other subjects besides flirting with the host:

  • Writing for the next album
  • Meat Loaf
  • Touring
  • Violence at concerts


  1. That debut EP and first full length album were good fun. Caught UKJ on the 92 Tour with Ozzy and Slaughter. UKJ was way more fun live than Slaughter…Good band and cool retro clip

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    1. I actually really like the second album. I will go up to bat for that album, although for some reason I never got around to reviewing it.

      No it didn’t seem that bad. Just surprising by today’s standards. I’m not used to seeing that in a band interview these days.

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