Who do you think you are, Benjamin Franklin? (Sunday Chuckle)

Yesterday around noon, some tornado-force winds ripped through town with a healthy dose of rain.  All told, I read that 38 hydro poles went down along with numerous trees.  It took about seven hours to restore power to where I live.

Some areas still had electricity, so Jen and I went out looking for a place to get lunch.  Lots of intersections with no power to the lights.  We drove past a Tim Horton’s with no electricity.  The three employees were our in parking lot with brooms clearing debris, and had pylons blocking the drive-through.  Yet in our brief time driving past, three cars drove into the Horton’s looking for coffee.  As if Tim Horton’s have their own nuclear power generator in the basement, or like the customers could magically turn on the power for them.  The girls with the brooms just stared incredulously at the numbskulls who thought that this was the one business on the whole street with power!



  1. I was listening to the local newsradio station this afternoon and they reported hydro lines were down, and lying on the road, on a street in Toronto, and cars were driving over them; driving over downed powerlines scattered across the road!!


  2. Crazy weather. Goes to show u how bad people want Timmy-Ho’s! lol…I thought those Tim’s stores were bunkers for all kinds of wonky weather..lol


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