WTF Comments: Under Melissa’s Skin

Melissa the Troll logged in at 1 AM last night to tell me that my opinion does not matter.  I did not need Melissa to tell me that, but who is going to tell Melissa that her opinion matters just as much?

Melissa left a comment on my Avril Lavigne – Under My Skin review.  Apparently her math isn’t that great, as she didn’t realize that my 3.5/5 score = 7/10, a pretty good review.  She probably didn’t like that I found a few songs to be “shit”, but what can you do?  It’s not like my opinions actually matter.





  1. Your opinion matters to me. I appreciate your additional perspective on music I have heard, and either like or dislike, and your insightful guide on music I have not had the opportunity to find and listen to.

    I would expect that your opinion matters to the many loyal followers and friends that visit here daily for your write-ups on our favourite bands and albums.

    I would also suggest that your opinion actually does matter to Melissa: for whatever other reason would she have taken the time out of her busy life to come to your page and read your column; and then take the additional time to hit the keyboard those 39 times, plus complete the registering process to post her comment in rebuttal? Unless my opinion on her reasoning doesn’t matter…

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    1. Awww man! Sniff.

      Now granted, when I did not like I song, I did not mince words. But a 7/10 review for an Avril Lavigne album is not shabby at all. She’s not the Beatles and she doesn’t have any 10/10 albums. So I think that’s a positive review.


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