Sunday Chuckle: Buble Bieber

I love my grandma and for age 96, she’s pretty sharp.  We were over visiting the other day, watching the Blue Jays.  We were chatting away, and then she changed the subject to current events and popular culture.

“Did you hear about that Michael Buble?” she asked us.

“No…what happened to Michael Buble?” I replied.  I hadn’t heard anything good or bad.

“There’s something wrong with his face,” she answered.

It took me a minute.  Then I realized OH!  She means Justin Bieber!  Yes, Bieber is ill; it’s quite horrible actually.  It’s called Ramsay Hunt syndrome and half his face is paralyzed.  So we corrected grandma and moved on.

Still, 96 years old, she knew Buble and Bieber were both Canadian singers…so not bad, I’ll give her 1/2 a point!



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