Getting Ready for Canada Day

This my friends is a Japanese A5 wagyu.  The most highly prized steak in the world.  This will be going on the plate July 1.  It will be my first time cooking it.  Wish me luck!  I definitely will not be overcooking it.  Chefs recommend rare or medium rare.  I’ll aim for medium.  Chefs also tend to season simply with salt and pepper and little else, to let the beef flavour dominate.

So now that we have the food settled, we just need some fireworks and music.  What Canadian songs are your favourites?  Comment below.




  1. Annihilator: the fun palace
    Dalbello: gonna get close to you
    Killer Dwarfs:stand tall
    Corey Hart: sunglasses at night
    Sass Jordan: ugly

    or are these played on the radio all the time over there?

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