Sunday Screening: Lego Atari 2600 set coming

Good morning, Harrison and Mr. 1537!  One of you will remember these from the 80s and one of you will not!  Still you must agree, pricetag aside, this is a pretty beautiful Lego set.  The Atari 2600 is coming August 1 for $240 USD (ouch)!  The dimensions closely match that of the original console.  It comes with three iconic cartridges made of Lego, three mini dioramas representing art for these video games, and a little shelf to store the cartridges.  The front of the console opens up to reveal another mini diorama, of a kid playing Asteroids in their bedroom.  It even comes with an incredible joystick made of Lego.

You can insert a cartridge into the console, flip the switches, and plug in the joystick.  If it wasn’t for the price, I’d want this in a heartbeat.  Check this video by Balazs from Racing Brick for a detailed preview.



  1. Cool? Yes
    A nice display piece? Yes
    Fun? Yes
    Expensive? Sadly yes.
    Something I want/need? No

    My connection to game consoles began with the NES, but I wouldn’t bother with a Lego version because I can go to my grandmother’s place to see the real thing.

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        1. Rest easy. My grandmother is of a much higher vintage than you. She’s got twenty-something years on you.


  2. Flashback for sure…. is the one u bought an original? I never played video games except at the arcade and my parents one year for Xmas bought us Collecovision for the family

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