#1008: Backstreet’s Back (in stock)

RECORD STORE TALES #1008: Backstreet’s Back (in stock)


Little known fact, people:  did you know that in the United States, the Backstreet Boys had a second self-titled album, with the same cover art as Backstreet’s Back?  It’s true, and I know it’s true because I once had about 200 brand new sealed copies in the trunk of my car.

The 1997 self-titled Backstreet Boys (as opposed to the 1996 self-titled debut) was a compilation.  It contained hits from Backstreet Boys and Backstreet’s Back.  Some of the tracks were slightly remixed, others not.  I acquired this box while dating “JJJulie”, the girl that dumped me while I was on the road opening a new store in Barrie.  For the record, I don’t blame her for dumping me.  I was miserable working that job.  I only blame her for not waiting until I was in the comfort of my own home instead of a strange hotel room.

JJJulie and I dated for two months in 2003.  If I recall the story, her mom owned one of those book clearance businesses.  The kind of business that buys and sells old overstock from other chains.  JJJulie must have got the box of discs from her.   Unable to move the product, she gave it to me.  Our store was crammed full of Backstreet Boys.  I think I might have given her 10 bucks for the whole box.  Then it sat in my trunk for months.

I did find some use for the box of BSB.  We were allowed to carry two copies at a time in our bargain bin.  We paid $1 to $2 each for bargain bin CDs.  I sold two copies to the store for $2 each.  I kept track of them.  Any time we sold a copy (every few weeks), I would sell another $2 disc from my box to the store, for the bargain bin.  That went on for a year or so.  I probably moved about 20 copies from my box before I quit.  Not a huge profit, but some small change for me.  The store would have made double what I did with their markup.

I did all this on the sly.  The owner would have said “No more Backstreet Boys!”  I had to do some things on my own, even if they helped the store in the long run, simply because the upper management tended to throw one word at me repeatedly:  “No”.  They wouldn’t have complained at the 200% markup when the discs eventually sold, but they really had pickles up the ass.  So, anytime I looked at the sales reports and saw that a copy sold, I went out to my car, grabbed another Backstreet Boys, and sold it to the store for $2.

When I eventually quit the store, I had an almost full box of BSB still left.  I didn’t know what else to do with it, so I put it in the dumpster.  Backstreet’s back…where they belonged!  In the dumpster.


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