Sheik Week Day 3: The Sheik Suplexes Your Thursday Into Submission

With the support of reader Brian Richards, it’s Sheik Week at!  This week, we are reading some of the Sheik’s most hilarious tweets.  From song lyrics to current events to pop culture, the Shiek has capslock commentary on them all.  His grudge against Hulk Hogan is just as heated as ever.  This series will run Tuesday to Saturday this week.  Let’s hear it for the Sheik!


Fans of 80s wrestling know the Sheik best for his tag team partnership with Nikolai Volkoff.  Under the management of “Classy” Freddie Blassie, the Sheik and Volkoff took the WWF Tag Team Championship from the U.S. Express on March 31, 1985.  The U.S. Express took the title back on June 17 of that year.  The angle here was the US/Iran/Russia political rivalry, played out in the ring,


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