Sheik Week Day 4: The Iron Sheik Still Hates Hogan

When I said “should I do a Sheik Week?” reader Brian Richards said “hell yeah!”  It’s Sheik Week at bubba!  This week, we are enjoying some of the Sheik’s most hilarious tweets.  From song lyrics to current events to pop culture, the Shiek has capslock commentary on them all.  And he haaaates Hulk Hogan to this day.  This series will run Tuesday to Saturday this week.  Let’s hear it for the Sheik!


It was kind of a big deal when the Iron Sheik was caught doing cocaine while rival Hacksaw Jim Duggan was smoking weed in a car on the way to a match.  For the WWF, an impact of this was that the Sheik was caught partying with his supposed enemy.  This destroyed the illusion.  The WWF let the Sheik go, and Duggan also temporarily left the organization.


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