#1012: Scared

This autumn presents three challenges.  One is familiar, two are new.  One is really bothering me.

CHALLENGE THE FIRST:  Seasonal Mood Disorder

Hello fall, my old friend.  I wish you’d fuck off again!

CHALLENGE THE SECOND:  Kitchen renovation

Loyal readers will recall that our kitchen and bathroom were ripped apart last year after a leak in the building.  Now it is finally time to redo the kitchen.  Next week, this begins with a consultation and estimate.  I’m not looking forward to all the disruption, but we’ve put it off long enough.  Any survival tips?

CHALLENGE THE THIRD:  Dental surgery

I never had my wisdom teeth out until well into my 30’s.  I have one left.  Now that one is starting to cause problems.  It is also impacted against another tooth and neither can be saved.  They both have to go.  The surgery is scheduled for September 28.  They have to knock me out.  I’ve never been knocked out in my life.  They advised me to take five days of rest afterwards.  I’ve never done that before either.

To say this has been freaking me out is an understatement.  Fear of the unknown.  Oh, sure.  I “know” everything will be fine.  That’s not how anxiety operates.  It ignores what you “know” and focuses on all sorts of “what can go wrong” scenarios.  Whatever your brain can dream up.  I have a pretty creative brain.  I’ve imagined every scenario from a broken jaw to never waking up.  You name it, my brain has already come up with it.

I have support and I have strategies.  One strategy I have been given is to make fun plans for the five days that I will be out of commission.  A Lord of the Rings marathon is one possible plan.  I have also planned a series of posts called “Teeth Week”.  All songs about or relating to teeth.  I’ll visit my parents and go for fall walks.

Much like the kitchen reno, this is long overdue.  Short term pain for long term gain on both, we hope.  Thinking of the benefits.  Toothaches gone would be a plus.  A nice kitchen would be a plus.  Trying to focus.  As a result, I haven’t been focused on writing and may have to put some projects like the Def Leppard series on temporary hold.  We’ll see how it goes.  I don’t mind telling you I’m scared.


  1. I had my wisdom teeth out when I was in the service. They only gave me 24 hours bed rest and then another day of light duty, so enjoy those five days. Watch The Lord of the Rings and anything else you want to. As for the kitchen, I know what a pain that is so my thoughts are with you there.

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  2. For the kitchen get a couple of estimates. For our bathroom reno we went with a guy who was 4 grand cheaper and did the work exceptionally. Plus you get a read on people as one guy came and was a huge drip in attitude so adios…plus check out there stuff on the socials etc. We were lucky as we had 3 different contractors do work and they showed up on time and got it done.

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  3. Dental work…yuck. But being put under is nothing. I had to for my Colonoscopy and all I remember is closing my eyes and falling asleep and immediately start waking up an hour a short time later. And I would love 5 days of rest!!

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  4. 1. Take lots of vitamin D and get outside as much as you can. Staying inside and fretting about it only makes it worse. :). 2. Deke’s advice is solid. We haven’t (yet) done serious inside work on our house, as there’s never been money or, frankly, need to do so. But remembering my parents’ renovations on their place, workmen are either great or terrible. There seems to be no middle ground. I’d try to be around as much as possible, to make sure they do what they say they’re going to do, how they said they’d do it. 3. Dental surgery ugh. I still have my wisdom teeth but my annual last week said I have one with a “deep pocket” and they’ll watch it for now but it’ll likely have to come out. I get a filling next Thursday too. Good luck, brother!

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  5. I know exactly how the curse of a good imagination feels. I had some of the same thoughts before my wisdom teeth came out. Not really much you can do about it from my experience, I’m afraid.

    But I do know that the day after the surgery, which I just about spent entirely on the couch, is a really good opportunity for concert DVD marathons.

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    1. I believe the Tolkien decision has been made. It’s a good time, with Amazon now having the Rings of Power series plus all the movies. I’ve been enjoying the Rings of Power and I think it’s a good time to revisit the movies. It has been years.

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      1. You’ll definitely have the time for it, and the chance doesn’t come often, so I’d say absolutely go for it. It will be quite a while before the opportunity arises again, I would think.

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        1. That’s what I’m hoping too.

          Funny thing. When I had my first wisdom teeth out, we did a karaoke night a few days later. I sang Paranoid and a bunch of other songs. My jaw was SO SORE the next day!

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  6. I’m sorry to hear about your wisdom teeth! I’ll tell you this again later, but I wish you a speedy recovery on your procedure! And unfortunately, it’s easier said than done, but don’t stress about it! Everything is going to be fine.


  7. Brush and floss thoroughly before the surgery, try not to say anything when you wake up. You may end up rambling and embarrassing yourself like me in your post anesthesia stupor. Also, have someone get the painkillers as quickly as possible. You’re gonna need ’em!

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  8. I hope your dental surgery went well and you are back to your normal daily routine. An updated bathroom and kitchen can be the best reward after all the hardships you have been through. So, as you said, it’s better to focus on what’s good is coming.

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