VIDEO: The Last (Summer) Train

Summer is over.  Today is the first day of fall.  For the final cottage video of the summer, you can see more of the incredible wildlife that we have come to expect.  This is edited to the tune of my favourite Tee Bone Erickson song, “The Last Train”.

While it is always sad when summer comes to an end, it must be remembered that things are not like they once were. I don’t think I’ve ever gone swimming in September before. Fall is not necessarily the depressing wet cold thing it was in the 80s or even the 90s.

This video also features a cameo by my old friend and guest contributor Aaron Lebold.  I don’t think I have seen Aaron in person since the Record Store days!  We hung out and shot the shit for about an hour.  He brought me some crazy Optimus Prime figures that you will see as well.  Good to see an old friend, and good to have company at the lake, which we have not had since well before the pandemic.



  1. “Summer is over. Today is the first day of fall.”

    Thank God. It’s been about 100 degrees again the last few days, but oddly enough, it’s going to be 65 today max. I hope that 90s shit is over. Fuck!

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        1. I may have to settle for somewhere like Michigan! Although I can travel to Australia. I didn’t think I was allowed in, but you got me to look it up and I am. Harrison here I come!


  2. We still go to the beach in the winter for snowshoeing and general looking around, but of course it’s not the same as warm summer swims and digging in the sand at the beach with the kids. Shutting down the cottage might be sad, but that just means you’re one day closer to re-opening it next spring!


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