Teeth Week #3: “(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth” by Metallica – Today’s the day!

Today’s the day.  I’ve never been put under in my life, so mark this date on your calendar, readers!  If all goes well, I’ll update you on how it went!  In the meantime we’re on the third and most important song for Teeth Week.  It had to be “(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth” by Metallica today.  No other song would do it.

Today’s song was suggested by good friend Married And Heels.  Go ahead and check out her Instagram and give her a follow if you enjoy the coolest of high heeled shoes (and who doesn’t?).  Thanks for today’s song!

This track is an instrumental composed and performed by the late Cliff Burton for Metallica’s debut LP Kill ‘Em All.  Surely it has to be one of the most famous bass instrumentals in the history of rock.  The fuzzy bass sound is absolutely perfect, as Cliff plays a rhythm melody with tasty bass licks.  His technique is insane, with fingers flying and tapping over the fretboard.  Lars Ulrich and the rest of Metallica don’t even come in until the halfway point, leaving Cliff to lay down the most awesome of bass songs.

Check out the 1983 studio original, and a live version recorded in Chicago the same year.  If I could play bass a fraction as well as Cliff Burton, I’d be happy!

Bring on the anesthesia — here I go.  Wish me luck!



        1. Understandable. I guess the way they explained it to me was that all the energy your body needs for healing is going to the wrong parts of your body — for driving, for moving, for thinking.

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        2. Oh yeah! Wheaton looks kinda like he’s a recovering addict now. And when you see him on the Trek aftershows, he’s… reeeeeeaally over enthusiastic about the new shows and it’s embarrassing.

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        3. Funny you should say that, he actually made a Twitter post years ago saying he was so over “Shut up, Wesley,” that he would instantly block anyone that said it to him, even as a joke.

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    1. I haven’t actually had any tooth pain there in almost a year but I know you can’t just live with rotten teeth in your mouth.

      Ultimately I’m just revving to go on my Lego today man. LOL That’s what I am looking forward to.


  1. I said this everywhere else: You got this, dude. GIVE ‘ER! I’ve been ‘put under’ once in my life, as a kid, I had my tonsils out. I remember them asking me to count backwards from 100 and only making it to roughly 96. And the mask they put over my mouth for the gas smelled like lipstick. Next thing, I woke up in bed, and I could have all the ice cream and popsicles I wanted and Mom and Dad gave me my Boba Fett figure. And my throat was rather sore (go figure).

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