WTF Search Terms: YouTube Edition


I’ve recently done something I previously said I wouldn’t do, and monetize some videos on my YouTube.  I am still figuring all of this out, but one feature allowed me to see the search terms that were apparently used by “my viewers”.  How they became “my viewers” with search terms like these, I can’t figure out.  Maybe you can!  Do you have a monetized YouTube?  What does all this mean?  What the hell is “mukbang”?





  1. I took one for the team and Googled “Mukbang.” It’s not what you might guess (probably):

    Mukbang, in simple terms, is a live-streamed video where viewers watch the host eat. Mukbang is characterized by the copious amount of food consumed during the streaming – think banquet-size portions, where viewers sit and watch the one-person eating contest unfold.

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