More Classic Iron Sheik Tweets

Here are a dozen more tweets from the Iron Sheik’s Twitter account.  Rumour has it that his account is handled by a couple Canadian guys.  What do you think based on the Can-Con in some of the tweets below?  Canadian Beer Day and Carly Rae Jepson?  There’s definitely something Canadian going on with his Twitter.

Love you Sheiky Baby!



      1. The Internet was still kind of the wild west back then. It wasn’t even the least bit politically correct. It was still an edgy place for outsiders.

        I can’t believe I remember that “Call Me Maybe” song.

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        1. I just looked that song up to make sure it was 2011. I guess the lady that sings it is Canadian, so kudos to you.

          Oh, can I make one more album review request before the content shift? It’s not by this lady. Feel free to tell me to go fuck myself like Shiek.

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        2. I was curious what you’d think of the album “Like This” by The dB’s. Nothing special that would make me request it, I was just listening lately and thought it was a cool underground power pop type gem.

          How about a simple thumbs up or down like Siskel and Ebert?

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        3. The album is called Like This. I just don’t know how to do italics when typing on my phone.

          I’ve been getting into The dB’s lately. A lot of great songs. Like This was one of the most approachable, and the only one streaming officially oddly enough.

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        4. No kidding? I guess you are in Canada. I haven’t heard a peep from her since that one song eleven years ago.


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