NEWS: Loudness release new video for “Tengoku No Tobira (Heaven’s Door)” from new album Sunburst

Loudness have released a new DOUBLE album called Sunburst, and in support of that new album comes the music video “Tengoku No Tobira (Heaven’s Door)”.

There’s a very 80s vibe to the music, while the production is modern and tough. The band still consists of original singer Minoru Niihara, shredder Akira Takasaki, bassist Masayoshi Yamashita, and drummer Masayuki Suzuki. What do you think of this track?



  1. I need to give it a more careful listen, before judging the music. But it’s good to see that Takasaki looks to be in good shape. Like Yngwie, he kind of let himself go for a while, which isn’t conducive to a touring life on the road. Musically, the Dragon-era kind of lost me, but once Niihara rejoined, it’s all been good to really good, IMHO.

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    1. Hi Marc! Yes it is great to see Akira looked healthy and full of energy. I agree fully with you on Dragon era. Some good songs like Crazy Go Go, but not a lot that really connected with me in any way.


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