“Fuck Sammy [Hagar]!” says Dave Lizmi on Grab A Stack of Rock with Mike, Harrison and Robert Daniels! This is our clickbait headline!

Robert “Visions In Sound” Daniels not only grabbed a stack of rock, but also a rack of socks!  Rob rocked us all tonight, with some cool soundtracks that are rare and desirable to collectors!  Harrison “Mad Metal Man” Kopp also stepped up to the plate with some 3 CD sets and assorted items.  Because Rob was on, I decided to go with a Star Wars theme with CDs, VHS, and stickers.  But we got much than we bargained for.  Other features:

  • A controversial “Ask Harrison” featuring Tee Bone Erickson
  • A “Fuck Sammy Hagar” from Dave Lizmi of the Four Horsemen
  • Some bizarre video tape formats from Rob’s TV days

Next week, Uncle Meat and Marco the Contrarian will be grabbing stacks of rock with us!  Don’t miss it!



  1. That’s a funny story about some woman trying to rip the Matrix hat off of Rob in a video store because she wanted the hat so bad.

    If it was Harrison in the video store, the woman wouldn’t have stopped at the hat, because she’d have wanted him so bad.


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