Youtubin’: The Darkness – “Last Of Our Kind”

A month ago, Grant Arthur and I spent an hour talking about the Darkness. In another month, we’ll talk about Hot Leg, Stone Gods and British Whale!

One of the songs/videos that came up in our chat was their epic rocking “Last Of Our Kind”, certainly one of the best songs in their repertoire.  What a striking video, and their first with drummer Rufus Tiger Taylor.  Emily Dolan Davies played on the record and in the first video for “Open Fire” but left to be replaced by Taylor.  He found his own way to stand out visually, as you’ll see.

It’s unusual but not unheard of for bands to recruit their fans as extras.  But nobody did it like the Darkness.  This video is a hoot, and there’s one somewhat bulky man in a Darkness shirt who hams it up and steals the show.

I have a a couple favourite parts in this video:

0:38 – Mystical Frankie
1:13 – Spinny spinny!
1:341:38 – “Then there were none”

The whole video is brilliant and we really need to give a shout out to Justin Hawkins for his dancing.  The man can move.  He can sing, he can play, and he can move!  If he wasn’t so damned ugly they’d be the biggest band in the world.


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