#1035: New Year, New Tale

RECORD STORE TALES #1035: New Year, New Tale

I’ve never been one for New Year’s celebrations.  I was usually asleep.  Only once can I remember going to a house party, a Record Store party, which was New Year’s 1999-2000.  It was actually at the Bully’s house.  She begged me to go out with them after to the bar.  Phil’s I think.  I was designated driver to get them to the bar.  She was drunk. A lot of issues there.  She went back to hating me again in the new year — harder than ever in fact.  I dropped them off and then went over to visit with my parents and the Szabo family, who had returned from seeing Jann Arden in concert.  We counted down to midnight, I went home to check that the computer was still working.  It was, and so I went to bed feeling pretty much the same in the year 2000 as I did in 1999.  Y2k ended up being nothing, except a footnote and the inspiration for a really bad Queensryche album title.

Really weird, that memory of her begging me to come out with them.  Me explaining I was going over to Szabo’s house to meet up with my family.  Then bullying me harder than ever in 2000.  I don’t think the events were connected but it was just weird how mercurial she was, and not in a good way.

Some of the more memorable New Years I had were spent at the movies.  New Year’s Day ’98 I went to go see Tarantino’s Jackie Brown with a friend.  I remember she went because her boyfriend was a huge Tarantino fan, and wanted to see it with her.  But he fucked up in some way, stayed out too late on New Year’s Eve without her perhaps, and did not attend the film with us.  I think this was a jealousy play.  She went with me, and I didn’t feel bad about it in any way.

New Year’s Eve 2000-2001, the family went out and  watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas for lack of options.  It was a Ron Howard film and therefore not terrible.  We remarked that movies made for a wonderful New Year’s Eve and more people should do it.  In 2015, I saw The Force Awakens with old friend Scotty.  That was a special moment.  Two childhood friends watching a movie they had been waiting for since 1983.  32 years.  That’s a long wait for the Force to Awaken.  Good thing we saw a matinee so we could nap before the midnight countdown.

Most of the time, I just can’t stay up late.  I did for the last couple New Year’s Eve LeBrain Train episodes, but that’s not necessary anymore.  Now people are spending their New Year’s Eves doing what they want, and that’s perfect.  Me, I spent mine napping!


  1. And speaking of napping, I saw a post the other day, “If you see someone over the age of 40 out after 9pm, that person 100% had a nap in the afternoon” – and I couldn’t agree more. And I did not nap yesterday, so I was fast asleep well before midnight, happy 2023!

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