#1042: Gaby Baby


Sunday, February 5th, I received a “friend request” on Facebook.  I always check the people out before I say “yes”, and this guy had four mutual friends with me, all music people.  While that’s not a guarantee the person is not a flake, it is usually a good minimum standard.  I accepted his request and went out to coffee with our friends Scott and Ellen.

Shortly after, while drinking my large regular Tim’s, I got this request via instant messenger:

He requested the mp3 files for the self-titled 1992 Deadline EP.  In return he offered to send me mp3 files from a different band with the same name from Europe.

I thought about it a moment, but I really hate it when strangers just request music files.  I have a disclaimer on my “About” page here:  I do not “share” (IE: give away what does not belong to me) music files.  Check Discogs for other copies.  Long time readers know that in the past I shared one Iron Maiden file and then was bombarded with requests, to the point that I had to delete the Iron Maiden review that it was related to, and re-post it.  That’s what happens when word gets out that you have something and will share it.

I sent him the following message.  Short, but cordial enough.

His reponse to me was anything but cordial.

“Friend”.  And one of the best music collectors in the world!  Who collects…files.  Files.

On Monday my Youtube channel was bombarded by downvotes and comments by a channel called “the best of Hard & Heavy”.  Same guy.  You could tell by the Deadline content uploaded the previous day.

I sent him the following message and was promptly blocked.

“You are not good to live”.  He was reported on both Facebook and YouTube for harassment.

People, don’t be a Gaby Baby.  Just don’t.  This is no way to make friends, or find music.  I will continue my policy of not sharing music files.  Because hey…it’s somebody else’s music, not mine.





    1. Agreed 100%. And like I said…he didn’t even have the right band. There are 42 bands on Discogs with the name Deadline.

      I was joking with MarriedAndHeels that maybe his goal is to “collect” all 42 bands. LOL

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