#1043: How It’s Going

Things are going OK.  The days are getting longer.  It’s now daylight again when I get home from work.  This winter has been cold and rough, I won’t lie to you.  There were only three or four really hairy days for driving.  I haven’t had to brush too much snow in the mornings.  So I’ll take that as a win.  Of course, it’s not over yet.  There’s always one really big storm in March that you can count on.  It usually snows again in April but we’re almost back in cottage season.

I’ve spoken about this before, but it’s funny how perspective changes.  In my teens, I hated being at the cottage — away from my friends, toys, and TV shows.  Now it’s the best place in the world for me, and my friends are never more than a Streamyard away, no matter where I am.  And I can’t wait to get back, and smell those smells and hear those trees creak at night.  At present, all I’m hearing at night are hail pellets and snow blowers.  The sky is often a dull gray haze.  It’s hard not to feel as if there is a heavy weight upon us.

There are other stresses.  Family health is always a concern, especially as we get older.  We have to keep up with the chores and bills.  Maintaining healthy relationships takes effort.  Sometimes it also takes effort to take the steps to remove unhealthy relationships.  But like a balance, new friends soon enter the picture.

Music continues to be a comfort.  Lately the tones of Journey, Styx and Triumph have soothed the soul.  A week ago, it was the combined talents of Don Dokken, George Lynch, Jeff Pilson and Wild Mick:  Dokken.  Under Lock and Key to be specific.  What an album!

I’ve just come off a long hiatus from Grab A Stack of Rock.  It’s important to avoid burnout, and not just do a show because it’s a new week.  I don’t want to burn out again.  This last episode with Jex, Tim and John joining the Mad Metal Man and myself was tremendous fun.  Adding a guy like Jex made it effortless fun; he brings his own energy.  Then I get to go live with my dear friend MarriedAndHeels next.  She always makes me smile.  I’ve been looking forward to this show all month.  It’s probably confusing as hell for any potential audience I may be hoping to build.  I go from Japanese Alice Cooper imports one week, to platform shoes the next.  Ah well.  I’ve always been mercurial and hard to pigeon-hole.  That’s the way I like to keep it.

Steve Perry sings it:  Winter’s here again, oh Lord!  As I listen to Journey, I am reminded of two things.  One:  The wheel in the sky keeps on turning.  Two:  Don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow.  But that’s OK.  You need to have some mystery too.  Some hope in the unknown.  I hope things get better, soon.

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  1. I like those albums where you never know what genre is coming up next – so I think that unpredictable format has value in this medium too, metal one week, heels the next, keeping it fresh & fun!


  2. We’ve had a really mild winter here, disturbingly mild. The only time it was REALLY cold was around Christmas. All February with a few minor exceptions has been almost fall temperatures. It makes me really worried for summer, because last summer was a hell scorched nightmare Canadians could only dream of, and the winter before that one wasn’t this mild.


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