Jex & the Gang Unbox Stuff, Talk About Stuff, and Rock About Stuff!

Sorry about the technical difficulties, and thanks to Harrison, John, Tim & Jex for holding down the fort!

Tonight we talked about Alice Cooper (a lot), made some jokes about Journey, held some Spoons while we Needed To Breathe, and plugged a PDF!  It was a great, casual and fun night full of music and stories.  It was a pleasure finally talking to Jex Russell face to face for the first time.  This was his first ever live show, and I messed up the start with technical issues!  Thanks for putting up with me Jex.

Ask Harrison returned this week after a long hiatus, with a question from Tee Bone and one from my parents.  Meanwhile, MarriedAndHeels had her picture taken with Eddie Van Halen’s Frankentrat!  We took a close look.  How cool is that?


Thanks for watching, see you next week!

NEXT WEEK:  March 3, 3:00 PM E.S.T. / Noon Pacific, MarriedAndHeels is back for an EPIC UNBOXING.



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