Around the Next Dream

#1062: Return to Trillion Dollar Treats with Max the Axe

One does not question the mighty Max the Axe why he has three kites (and one has propellers).  One simply walks into his garage and purchases two of the kites.  And a CD to boot.

I don’t understand how many of Max’s treats weren’t snapped up by his hordes of fans and followers a few short weeks ago.  He did have a kite I was interested in.  As a gift, to my sister, Dr. Kathryn.  In fact, on my show a couple weeks ago, I told Jex Russell that I was going to return to Max’s and buy one of his kites for my sister.  I even said, “She’s not watching this anyway.”  But she was, and so she knows she’s getting a new kite.  It truly is a beauty.

For $10 each, I took home two $30 (retail) kites.  The dragon one, we know it flies — because at Max’s sale, it caught a gust of wind and took off down the street!  The other is still sealed in package.  And I didn’t buy the one with propellers because it looked pretty complicated and didn’t have instructions.

The CD I bought for $5 was Around the Next Dream by BBM (1994) – Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, and Gary Moore.  You might recognize that as the Cream rhythm section but with Gary Moore on guitar instead of Eric Clapton.  All these years and I’ve never heard it before now.  Good score.

It wasn’t for sale, but I had to snap a picture of Max’s one of a kind signed Sheavy poster.  A great band that no longer exists, but really should.  A piece of history right there on his wall.

Max is having another sale with his whole neighbourhood next month.  Be sure to check out Trillion Dollar Treats on June 17 for more goodies and treasures!