Grant’s Rock Warehaus

Musical Hauls! With Mike, Harrison, Grant, Rob and Brian!

Awesome musical treasures tonight!  Thanks to Grant Arthur, Rob Daniels, Brian Richards and Harrison the Mad Metal Man for spending a Friday night showing off some amazing hauls.  Some highlights:

  • A couple very interesting vinyl versions of Creatures of the Night.
  • A look at the Guns N’ Roses Use Your Illusion box set and a rant about Axl Rose.
  • A beautiful hand-stitched piece of Star Wars art.
  • Avro Arrow…shoes?
  • Some pretty killer Lego sets.
  • Kim Mitchell rarities from Grant.
  • A guest video from Tim Durling with his musical hauls.
  • A signed Bruce Kulick bobblehead.
  • Much much more!

Thank you friends for hanging out tonight, and thanks for watching!  See you next week.


Grant’s Rock Warehaus – THE DARKNESS – With Mike Ladano and Tim Durling

What a fun night!  Grant Arthur and I went through our favourite Darkness tracks, album by album and single by single.  Then Tim Durling showed up and the rocking really began.  An absolutely fun night, educational, and a total love affair for Dan, Justin, Frankie, Rufus, Richie, Eddie and Emily.  We also delved into Hot Leg, the Stone Gods, and British Whale.  Get rocked!



Dancing on a Friday Night? Grant’s Rock Warehaus – THE DARKNESS – Tonight at 7:00 PM EST

Spend an hour with Grant and I LIVE tonight, as we discuss our favourite DARKNESS tracks!


Hey you, do you remember me?
I used to sit next to you at school
And we indulged in all the extracurricular activities
We weren’t particularly cool

Oh, Monday, cycling
Tuesday, gymnastics
Dancing on a Friday night
I got Bridge Club on Wednesday
Archery on Thursday
Dancing on a Friday night

Hey you, could you ever fall for me
Oh, the way I fell for you?
And do you dwell upon the thoughts that I occupy
Or do you give yourself things to do?

Oh, Monday, rowing
Tuesday, badminton
Dancing on a Friday night
I got ping pong on Wednesday
Needlework on Thursday
Dancing on a Friday night
With you, you, rowr

Monday, Tuesday
Wednesday, Thursday
Dancing on a Friday night
Let the music smother me
Whole weekend recovery
Dancing on a Friday night

Oh, see the lady I adore
Dancing on the dancing floor
Dancing on a Friday night
God, the way she moves, moves me
To write bad poetry
Dancing on a Friday night, ooh